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Mount Abu History

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Mount Abu is the sole and the only hill station nestled in the Aravalli Hills of Rajasthan. The hill station is also a cool destination to escape away from the heat of the Thar Desert. As Rajasthan is located on the heart of the Thar, and another hand the state is also surrounded by the mighty Aravalli ranges. And the Mount Abu is located just on the hillocks of Aravalli making it cool and serene for the tourists who are having a different picture of the state in their minds. The hill station is just another name to greenery and woody backdrop which will take you far away from the burning heat of the state. Mount Abu is a place where you can see many gardens and the place is filled with nice scenes which will not remind you of heat and sand dunes at all and you will have a different picture of Rajasthan in your heart. According to Mount Abu history, the place is more inspired and influenced by mythological background and stories and it actually makes the place more attractive.

History of Mount Abu

Mount Abu was conquered by Rao Lumba in the year 1311, and he belonged from the Deora Chauhan clan. The kind put an end to the Parmar caste who wereruling the place before him and he also stopped ruling Mount Abu at that point of time.

Later on he shifted his capital city to the Chandravati which is the plains and the area was destructed in the year 1405 and another king named Rao Shashmal made the place as his capital or headquarters. He made his capital in Sirohi and became the king of the state.

The maharajas also gave the state for lease to the British Government when Indianwas under British rule and the headquarter of Sirohi was named as Arbudaancha. And later on it was changed to Mount Abu because of the presence of the Aravalli Ranges. The name of Mount Abu is also mentioned in the Hindu sacred book of the “Puranas”.

It is said that the ancient name is mentioned in the Puranas and also named as the “forest of the Arbhuda”. And sage Vashishtha retired here and his had his differences with sage Vishwamitra. And it is also said thata snake named Arbhudha saved the bull of Lord Shiva-Nandi.

The Caste and its History

It is also believed that the Gurjars was started their home from these Arbuda Mountains which is presently known as Mount Abu. And the y left many inscriptions and epigraphs including Tilakamanjari of Dhanpala in the various temples and places of the mountains and the caste also had touches from many parts of the state of Gujarat and from that hey had their name of the Gurjars as they migrated from the state.

The Rajput came into existence and they also had a connection with the Mountain range and it is said that sage Vashistha performed a yagna seeking a defense for earth to save its virtue and answering his prayer the fire Lord gifted the Rajputs.

Rajasthan History

Rajasthan History

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