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Things to do in Mount Abu

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Mount Abu is a scenic hill station located in the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan. Being a hill station Mount Abu activities are not limited to hiking and trekking but there are enough other tourism opportunities that could be performed here. Apart from visiting the famous fort and the scenic backdrop the mountain and the small hillocks will provide you with some scenes where you will love to spend some moments in solace. The place is also known for its natural beauty and greenery which is in unadorned contrast surrounding Thar Desert and a wonderful destination for the summers and is also an important place for Hindus and Jains who are coming here for their religious visits. The temples that are located in the beautiful hill ranges have ancient history to their past and they reflect it through their architecture. The Mount Abu Sanctuary is a fine place for the tourists to discover the flora and fauna of the Aravallis and it should not be missed amongst the Mount Abu activities.

Famous Things to Do in Mount Abu

Exploring the Panoramic Achalgarh

Achalgarh is a beautiful village which is famous for its fantastic ancient fort shares the same name of Achalgarh Fort. This is one of the prime tourists’ attractions in Mount Abu and the tourists who come here never miss the place to see.

After exploring the beautiful village of Achalagarh the tourist move to explore this ancient fort was built by Rana Kumbha in the year 1452. The fort is having fine architecture and that is why it is one of the best tourist’s attractions in Rajasthan. There are two entrances of the fort which are truly majestic and they are the beauty of this fort.

Spend quality time near the Nakki Lake

The Nakki Lake is a gorgeous place and this is one of the best things to do in Mount Abu. The Lake is having a religious significance and the people can also enjoy boating and horse riding near the lake and the place is just apt for the people who are looking for nice picnic spots.

The surrounding areas of the lake are extremely beautiful and there is also a religious story behind it that ultimately pulls more tourists to this place. The place is also surrounded by many eating points and restaurants and that is why the tour of the lake becomes a great spot for the tourists out here.

Exploring the Hiking Trails of Aravalli through Mount Abu

Among the various hiking and trekking trails of Mount Abu the tourist will love the Guru Shikhar which is really famous counted in Mount Abu activities. There are many other hiking trails that should be tried while you visit here and there are many service providers present to provide you all the necessities of hiking and trekking.

After you climb on the Guru Shikhar,the panoramic view of the rest of the city will pull your eyes and you will love all the sceneries all through. There is temple of Guru Dattareya is found there who is belived to be the incarnation of the three major Hindu Gods-Brahhma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Visiting the Mount Abu Wild life sanctuary

This should be one of your prime Mount Abu Activities and visiting the Sanctuary will take you to some major visuals of flora and fauna of the Aravalli Hills.

Among the plants and trees one can see 112 plant families with among which 89 species of shrubs, 28 species of climbers, 81 species of trees, and 17 species of tuberous plants are also there which are known for their medicinal prominence and there are three kinds of wild roses are also seen.

Among the wild life one can see tigers, bear, pangolin, langur, sambhar, porcupine, and many other animal species can be seen.

Get a view of the Aravallis through Hot Air Balloon

You can have a nice time watching the green lushly Aravalli Ranges and the scenic Mount Abu while you fly on the air balloon. This could be indeed a romantic affair if you go here with your partner and one can see the backdrop of Aravalli from the high flying balloon.

A nice view of the Nakki Lake can also be observed thorugh here. Do not miss this opportunity if you are visiting with your spouse and especially if you are on your honeymoon trip as this is an excellent opportunity to be very close to the natural unspoiled beauty of Rajasthan.

A visit to the Trevor’s Tank (Crocodile Park)

This is one of the best places to visit in mount Abu and you must visit this place especially if you are here with your kids. Not only this but this place could be a nice choice for the people who love to watch birds and nature. The place is a nice option for the picnickers and people can also have a nice and serene time here.

There is a small mini lake is also there that create the perfect place for the picnic and the tourist will love the nice backdrop which are enjoyed at this place and watching the sleeping crocodiles will be generously a nice affair to remember.

Finding Peace in the various parks and hills

Mount Abu is among such places where finding peace and serenity is not so tough and you can actually get it if you want to run away from the chaotic social and busy life of the cities. Make sure to visit the Shnati Shikar which is a perfect place for meditation and the brahma Kumari headquarters is also located here.

So you will be closer to nature and away from the worries. Other you can visit the peace park which is developed by the Brahma Kumaris and the Nature Touch Park is also there which is home to emerald green surrounding and lovely sights of nature.

Having religious Visit through Temples

Mount Abu is a spot for the religious visits and one can really have a good time visiting them. There are ample of Hindu and Jain temples can be seen here which are having a religious significance among the people and visiting Abu Road will be a nice trip as the road is known for holing many temples.

Among other beautiful temples, Sri Raghunath Ji Temple, Vimal vasahi, is some of the popular names. Tourists can also have a nice time near the Banas River where they can opt as a picnic spot.

Enjoy Sunset at Sunset Point

Sunset Point in Mount Abu is a famous spot where you can enjoy the view of beautiful sunset and sunrise in Mount Abu. It is a popular spot for watching a scenic view of sunset everyday.

Visiting Sunset Point is one of the top things to do in Mount Abu.

nakki lake, Mount Abu

nakki lake, Mount Abu

nakki lake by Amit Shah

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