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The Ancient Kiradu Temples

The land of Rajasthan indeed have many mysterious stories buried under its sandy grounds and most of them are scary and it can also be said that the beauty of these stories are its scariness which actually drives people from all over the world to discover them and also arise new curiousness amongst peoplewhich create a huge crowd in the state and increasing the value of tourism in Rajasthan, Rajasthan has many scary stories to tell and amongst them the Bhangarh Fort, Kuldhara Village and many others. But these are the ones which are quite famous and there are many which are not so famous but they deserved to be popular as people know very little about them. Amongst all of the unknown names the Kiradu Temple is such a name which is known by very few number of people but the closer you go to the temple and its stories it really haunts you to chill your spines. The temple has special stories that will excite as well as haunt you to the fullest and you should visit once at least as you visit to the state of Rajasthan.

Haunting beliefs of Kiradu Temple

The temple is also known as the Khajuraho of Rajasthan and known for its haunting stories all over the state. There are veryfew people know that the place or the temple is a much loved place for the lovers and they love the place as the temple is kept as a lonely one and they can have their own time but the people who so ever visit this temple after learning about the stories do not dare to stay here after sunset. It is said that the people who ever stay here after sunset will ‘Turn into Stone figures’.

Now, this sounds really bizarre as the people scare from going to this temple as they have a doubt that the mystery behind the temple will turn them into stones. It is also believed that either the stayer of the temple turns into stone figures or they sleep to death. And this is the reason that the people who are staying near the temple will never be there after the sunset and they are doing this for years.
It is believed that a stone figure of a woman which is located at a nearby village called Sihadi witnesses the truth of the stories about the temple.

The stories of Kiradu Temple

According to the locales the temple is haunted and even the complete village is said to be cursed and it started near about 900 years back when a sage visited the village with his disciples.It is also believed that the time when the sage visited the village was under reign of the Parmars and after making the village as his staying point he went for religious trips while leaving his disciples under the care of the villages requesting them to provide them food and water and also asked to take care of them.

But after some days when the saint came back he saw all of his disciples in a very bad condition as all of them were suffering from sicknesses and there were nobody to take care of them except a wife of a potter. The saint was got really angry with the villagers as he said that the villagers are not even humans as they do not have any humanity or had pity on his disciples and that is why they do not have any right to be humans and cursed them to turn in to stone before the sun sets. Thus, he called the wife of the potter and asked her to leave before evening as the village has been cursed and also asked her to not to look back as she will also turn in to stone. The potter women was really going out of the village but with the curiosity she could not stopped herself from looking back and eventually turned in to stones and the statue of the women is still seen in the nearby village.
And because of this curse the people still believe that the one who will visit the village after evening will turn to stone.

The Temple of Kiradu

The historian believe that the temple of Kiradu dated back to the 11th century andwasbult by King Dulshalraja who was belonged from the Paramar dynasty but there are many archeologistswho believe it to be built during the 12th century and it is also seen that there are many scripts of the Chalukyas are carved on the pillars of the temple. It is also said that the scripts of the temple belonged to the 1153 AD and there are other scripts which are carved on the pillars are from the years of 1218 AD of the Hindu Calendar and during this era the rulers of the Parmars such as the Sindhu Kings till the Someshwar king has been described. And the era was in the year of the 1235 AD of the Hindu calendar and these details are of King Bhimadeva II who belonged from the ChalukyaDynastyof Gujarat and there are many scripts canbe seen of his seignior- Madan Bhramadeva Chauhan.

There are two temples in the vicinity of the area which can be seen in good condition and it is said that there are three other temples which are left as it was five all together before.

There are two temples which can be seen are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are settled here and the rest three temples are in a ruining condition. There are many idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses can be seen along with other images. It can be seen as the base of the temple is a tilted lotus and the carving is really beautiful but lacks care. There are many scriptures and carvings can be seen that are inspired by the Ramayana and besides the carvings of many goddesses and the heavenly nymphs the temple is really carved with some fine stone work on the walls.

It can be seen that the temples are needed to be more maintained and there is also a need of lots of detailed researches as very less potential evidences has been found about the temple which does not prove any sign of truthfulness apart from the emptiness and desertion.

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