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Excursion From Barmer

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Jasol is situated in Barmer district of Rajasthan. Its name derived from the juvenile of a Rathore sub-clan. There are many places to view here like Jain temple and a Hindu temple. The Hindu temple is decorated with fine sculptures, which were brought from the Jain temple devoted to Lord Mahavir.


Khed is 142 km from Barmer, situated on the bank of the Luni river. In ancient days Khed was the capital of the Rathores and they ruled over the entire region. The Ranchhodrairiji temple of Lord Vishnu is the main attraction for the tourist.

The temple was in frail condition but common repairs have been carried out and now it has been restructured.

Mallinath Fair

Mallinath fair is a grand cattle fair which is well known not only in Rajasthan but also in the neighbor states like Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh.

This fair goes a fortnight. During this fair, traders buy a high breed of camels, cows, goats, and sheep. A huge crowd of people turns out to this fair every year.


Devka is a small village located some 62 km from Barmer on the Jaisalmer – Barmer Road. Devka is well known for the Vishnu Temple, which was established in the 12th or 13th century and is known for its architecture.

There are two other temples in a broken state, with sculptures of Lord Ganesha on stone. The Devka Sun Temple is also a historic attraction of this place.

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