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Pabuji Ki Phach

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The Pabuji Ki Phach is a beautiful folk music of Rajasthan which is performed in the commemoration of about a 14th century folk hero who is the most honored protagonist of the Bhopa community. This Performing Art is associated to the life and the gallantry activities of Pabuji. 

History Of Pabuji Ki Phach

Pabuji Ki Phach Folk Music expresses the struggle period, heroism and dauntless attitude of the great Pabuji in a musical style. It is basically a poetic ballad sung by the Bhopa who plays the Ravan-hattha and is accompanied by his counterpart (wife) who seizes the lamp and illumines its specific portions. 

Description Of Pabuji Ki Phach

Pabuji Ki Phach is one of the gems which truly represent the Rajasthan’s stupendous culture, lifestyle and tradition after the magnificent citadels, palaces and fizzy havelis whose edifices and structural designing is really awe-inspiring. Pabuji Ki Phach portrays the works and life of Pabuji who was somewhat an integral personality for the Bhopas who exaggerate his deeds through the songs and the stories ever read by them related to Pabuji from a scroll or Phad whose length is about 10 meters long. The melancholy period of the Bhopas explore the townships of Rajasthan and entertain the bystanders with their performance related to the Pabuji Ki Phach Folk Music. 

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