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Watersports in Rajasthan

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Water sports, in Rajasthan seems to be quite pretended, as there are no sea in this state but the large and beautiful lakes of the state have made this amazing activity alive and the most adventurous as well full of fun. Boating, swimming and fishing are very common in these lakes. Gliding in the splashing water and cool breeze will engrave you with thrill. The most visited place id Ramgarh Lake near Jaipur is an artificial reservoir, where all kinds of water sports can be done throughout the year.

Ramgarh Lake is a man-made reservoir which is around 4 kilometers in length and 2 kilometers in width. Throughout the year, water sports of all kinds can be arranged here. Activities like swimming, boating etc. can be done here. The Chambal River of Kota serves the excitement of water rafting along with exclusive view of water animals like crocodiles. You can also go for some short para sailing in these lakes but not much as in the seas.

Water Sports in Rajasthan

Water Sports in Rajasthan

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