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Excursions from Chittorgarh

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Bassi Village

Bassi village is about 25 kms from Chittorgarh and is popular for its temples, forts, sculptures and woodworks.

Bassi Wildlife Sanctuary

Bassi wildlife sanctuary was established in 1988 near Bassi over an area of 15290 hectres and is the residence to wild boars, antelopes, panthers and migratory birds.


Bijapur, established by Rao Shakti Singh is about 40 kms from Chittorgarh. Now it has been renewed into a heritage hotel.

Matri Kundia Temple

The Matri Kundia temple is well known as ‘Haridwar of Mewar’ and is devoted to Lord Shiva.

Sanwariyaji Temple

Sanwariyaji temple a famous pilgrimage blemish and is devoted to Lord Krishna.


This is a village at a distance of 18 km from Chittorgarh. Previously named as Madhyamika, its remains proved that it was a flourishing town from the Maurya to the Gupta periods.


Famous for amazing waterfall with super dense forest. A huge ancient Lord Shiva temple made of stone is also Menal’s point of attraction as its walls have carvings which are erotic and beautiful.

Jain Temple, Chittorgarh

Jain Temple, Chittorgarh

Jain temples by John and Melanie

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