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Shopping in Chittorgarh

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Shopping in Chittorgarh is a delight to the tourists. Beautifully embroidered Jutis made from camel leather is one of the most attractions of Chittorgarh markets. Besides Jutis other items like metalware, fabrics, Akola fabrics, and painted wooden toys are also quite worth buying in Chittorgarh.

Shopping Places in Chittorgarh

What Things to Buy in Chittorgarh?

Chittorgarh is a destination which is well-known for its historical tourism but this city is also famous for its shopping areas and shopping in Chittorgarh which can be a great experience for every tourist.

The city is having many popular shops which are famous for selling the best handicrafts and these markets have colorful stacks of bangles, home decorating materials, local apparel, marble artifacts, and jewelry.

Apart from these one Camel leather products, wooden antiques, colorful lamps, miniature paintings, and dupattas are some more products offered in the markets of Chittorgarh.

But the things that should not be missed in the markets of Chittorgarh is the Thewa jewelry which is a popular type of jewelry found especially in Chittorgarh and the specialty of this jewelry is that the unique gold designs are embedded in glass and you cannot take off your eyes from them.

Famous Markets in Chittorgarh

RanaSanga Market

From RanaSanga Market one can buy the best souvenirs and articles of Chittorgarh which are rarely found in any other parts of India and that is why the tourist who visit the city of Chittorgarh never miss visiting the RanaSanga Market and here the tourists can for the best collections of handicrafts, wooden toys and articles, jewelry and bangles, and the thing which is more popular in this market is the colorful dyed clothes which are studded with fine glasswork and these are really unique buys of Rajasthan.

Sadar Bazar

This is one of the most prominent and important markets of Chittorgarh and the market is especially known for displaying the local items such as bangles, Rajasthani handicrafts, and puppets.

The items that are displayed in the market represents the culture and tradition of Rajasthan and Chittorgarh too, so you can buy camel leather items such as Jootis, embroidered lehengas and dupattas, wooden toys and very commonly Thewa Jewelry which can be bought from almost every jewelry store.

Fort Road Market

This market is located on the way to the iconic Chittorgarh Fort and that is why the market is known as the Fort Road market and here you can buy for the various articles such as jootis, wooden craft works, and the best collection of thewa jewelry can be found here so If you are having some female companions with you then do not miss to visit this market.

Rana Kumbha Palace III

Rana Kumbha Palace III

Rana Kumbha Palace by John and Melanie

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