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Things to do in Kumbhalgarh

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Activities in Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh is well known for its huge fort, holy temples, and diverse wildlife. Many nature lovers reach Kumbhalgarh every year for just photography or birds watching.

Bird Watching in Sanctuary – Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a birds watcher paradise and have a very diverse wildlife in which you can take some great photography stills. You can also enjoy a jeep, camel and elephant safari with birds watching in this wildlife sanctuary.

Temples Visit – Many people comes to Kumbhalgarh for just paying homage to the famous jain and hindu temples. These temples in Kumbhalgarh recieves many devotees all round the year. Some of the famous temples are Neelkanth Mahadeo Temple, Parshuram Temple, Vedi Temple.

Kumbhalgarh Festival– Kumbhalgarh festival is an incredible effort of Rajasthan tourism to promote Kumbhalgarh and its art and culture. Kumbhalgarh is named after its creator Maharan Kumbha who was a great promoter of Indian martial and fine arts, architecture and learning.

Kumbhalgarh Temple

Kumbhalgarh Temple

Kumbhalgarh Temples by Tushar Dayal

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