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Alwar Government Museum

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Alwar Government Museum is known to be the multi-purpose museum with a magnificent collection of arts and arts crafts which provide a look into the fabulous and historical-cultural heritage of Rajasthan. It was established by the ruler in the year 1940. It is situated in the Vinay Vilas Mahal in the City Palace of Alwar. Visitors from all over the world attract towards its valuable collections of 234 sculptures, 11 inscriptions, 9702 coins, 35 metal objects, 2565 paintings & manuscripts, 2270 arms & weapons and 1809 objects of local art, crafts and musical instruments.

This museum is famous for exceptional collections of ivory and lacquered work, musical instruments, stuffed animals, Bidri work, pottery and beautiful brass works from Multan, Bengal, Jaipur and Ceylon, Sanskrit, Persian manuscripts and miniature paintings.
Timings : 10.00 am to 4.30 pm. Closed on Friday and public holidays.

Inside Alwar Government Museum

First section comprises sculptures and valuable inscriptions. It also display the rode skins of wild animals like leopard, lion and tiger that depicts rulers shooting excursions and wild animals hunt.

Second section has the valuable and precious Persian, Urdu, Arabic and Sanskrit manuscripts. This secton also displays some fabulous paintings that belongs to the Mughal and Rajput school of painting.

Some famous and important ones are the Gulistan of S’adi (the Garden of roses), Bostan (the Garden of Spring) and Waqiat-e-Babri (Mughal Emperor Babar’s autobiography).

Third section attracts every one as it contains arms and armor of kings like swords, rifles, daggers, shields.

Alwar is well connected by rail and road. Nearest airport is Delhi(163 kms)

Alwar Government Museum

Alwar Government Museum

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