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Bangur Museum

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Bangur Museum is the most popular museum in Pali city which was named after Mr. Bangur Juar. Bangur Museum is located very close to the old Bus stand of Pali and exhibits a rare collection of ancient, historical and beautiful artistic items such as costumes, coins, and arms. There are many other buildings in Pali city such as Bangur Hospital, Bangur Dharmshala whose name after Mr. Bangur Juar. Its foundation was laid on 26th April 1982 and it formally opens for public on 19th July 1991.

Bangur Museum Sections

Pre-historic Section is the first section which has stone tools belonging to the Palaeolithic period. Among others it also has blade, flake, hand axe and scrapper type tools.

  • Archaeological Section is the second section of the Bangur museum which contains stone and metal images of Brahamanical and Jain deities collected from Balwana, Bali, Nadol, Hemawas, Nimaj and Sewari of district Pali. Sculptures from 6th century A.D. down to 17th-18th century A.D can be found here. The idols of Vishnu, bronze statue of Jivant Swami, idol of Lord Ganesha, Sur Sundri, Saraswati, Parikar, Chandra Prabhu, Goddess Kati, Pots and Architectural Pieces are some main attractions in this section.
  • Numismatics and Epigraphic (Copper-plate) Section is the third section in the museum known for its rich collection of coins which belongs to different Mughal rulers like Alauddin Khilji, Feroz Tughlaq, Mubarak Shah and others.
  • Painting Section is the fourth section which shows the Rajasthan’s contribution in Indian paintings. It also displays the miniature paintings of former Jodhpur state’s rulers.
  • Arms and Armor Section is the fifth section and most fascinating one also. Weapons like Sword, Shield, Tabar (Axe), Gun and Pistol, fire arm cannons are on displayed here.
  • Last section is dedicated to Handicraft and Exhibit of Tribal Life which displays regional wooden handicraft. Ornaments, Musical instruments and costume of Garasiya tribe.

Visitor Information

Among the main attraction in the museum an idol of Sukali Mata which was brought from Auwa village. The idol of Lord Vishnu and paintings from the Jodhpur School of Painting are much attractive to see in the museum.

Visitors can also see the jewellery and costumes of Garasia tribe, 10 stone inscriptions, 326 stone sculptures, copper plates, 409 coins of medieval period, 22 miniature paintings, 4 terracotta, 3 metallic objects, 8 arms and 258 objects of miscellaneous nature. Bangur museum is a best place for the study and learning of past through real objects.

Events like Gallery Talk, Question Answer Program and Shramdan Camps makes history easy to understand and learn.

Bangur Museum Timings: 10:00 AM to 4.30 PM (All day open)

How To Reach Bangur Museum, Pali

By Road: Bangur Museum is located at the centre of the Pali city near old bus stand. One can easily reach here by bus or taxi.

By Rail: Bangur Museum is well connected through nearest Pali Railway station to major cities railway stations like Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Chennai, Bikaner, Pali, Jaipur, Ahmedabad.

By Air: Bangur Museum can be reach through nearest Jodhpur Airport (75 km) which is well connected with regular domestic flights to Delhi, Mumbai.

Bangur Museum

Bangur Museum

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