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Pali - Trade Center of Rajasthan

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Pali Tourism and Travel Guide

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Famously known as the industrial city, Pali has made waves in Rajasthan since the early times. The city for centuries has been a hub for merchant activities. Snuggled on the tranquil banks of Bandi River, Pali is a historic town in the Marwar region of Rajasthan. The city is also known for its many 'Baoris' which are steps with wells having intricate and artistic designs in each step. This historical town has seen the rise and fall of many dynasties which have ruled it over the ages. The city proudly showcases its rich heritage and culture in the form of sacred Jain temples and other artsy monuments which must be savored at any cost.

Named after the Paliwal Brahmins that were once the inhabitants of this area, Pali was chalked out of the erstwhile state of Jodhpur. It was formerly known as 'Pallika' or 'Palli' and was an important trade centre in the yester years. From centuries to centuries, Pali was ruled by numerous kings such as Guhilas of Mewar, Chauhan, Chalukya Kumarpal and Songara Chauhan. The town also played an important role in the struggle for freedom.

Pali- Important Trade Centre of the Royal State

Known as an industrial city, Pali houses a number of factories and industries, the famous being the textile industry. Owing to its flourishing textile business, the city has become one of the major exporters of cotton and synthetic clothes.

Pali also houses quite a few temples and forts which glorify the city’s past. The Ranakpur Jain temple built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar in the 15th century AD is one of the famous temples of the region.

The Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Chamunda Mata Temple, Somnath Temple, Naulakha, Hatudi Rata Mahabir Swami Temple, Surya Narayana Temple are some of the other revered Hindu shrines of Pali.

For the art lovers, the city boasts the Bangur Museum exhibiting a wide collection of historical artifacts, old coins, erstwhile royal costumes, dresses, jewelry, etc. Some of the other popular tourist attractions in Pali are the Lakhotia Garden, Nimbo Ka Nath, Jawai Dam, and Pali National Park are the other popular tourist attractions of the city.

Best Time to Visit Pali

Pali experience different climatic conditions than the rest of the Western Rajasthan region. Summers are hot here, with the temperature rising up to 46-47 degrees centigrade during the months of May-June. Winters are moderately cool here and the months of July-October observe an average rainfall of 300mm. Therefore, the best time to visit Pali is during the months of October-February.

Weather of Pali

The climatic conditions of the Pali district are quite different from rest of the Western Rajasthan. Basically the summers are hot and the temperature rises upto 46-47 degrees centigrade at peak Time during the month of May-June. A large variation in temperature can be found in this region due to adjoining green and hilly areas. Winters are moderately cool during December-January lowering the mercury to 4-5 degrees centigrade occasionally. The average rainfall of 300mm can be seen in the district during the months of July-October.

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