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Museum of Gem & Jewellery Federation – Jaipur

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Does the pristine beauty of gemstones available in vibrant array of colours fascinate you? Do you love flipping through the pages of Jaipur history to know more about its gem and jewellery industry? Does the exquisite jewellery entice you? Would you like to see the sparkles of gems as found in nature with serenity of silver and glitter of gold? If your answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, then it's time to pay a visit to the newly opened museum of Gem and Jewellery, right in the heart of Jaipur – the Pink city.

This museum shares “The Story of a Stone"- a creation of nature and "Making of Jewellery”- a creation of human mind i.e. from mining to manufacturing, a sojourn from minerals to their transformation into gems – to their conversion into jewellery has been displayed beautifully here.

Jaipur has been a leading centre for gems and jewellery in the country, and is globally known for its fine gem cutting and polishing, along with jewellery craftsmanship, especially ‘kundan-meena’ and gemstone jewellery. The Museum, only of its kind in the country fully dedicated to gems and jewellery, showcases this very heritage and legacy of Jaipur in its pure form leaving behind the footprints of our forefathers.

About 60+ sections explain the journey of a stone from mine to fine-crafted jewellery. The journey begins from the entryitself, which graphically represents the process from mining to manufacturing, with picture of old and newJohari Bazar- a dedicated street for the trade for over last 300 years, as the backdrop.On stepping inside, the world of gemstones welcomes the visitors, showcasing hundreds of types of rough as well as cut and polished stones, illustrating how nature creates its own art with various colours and designs. The display of wide variety of colourful stones in their original forms and their finished products, including rare and newer stones, is definitely a learning experience.

Visitors can delve deep into the history by looking at a picture of traders attending their first auction in Jaipur in the year 1948, along with the story of trade development scripted in a chronological order from 1727 with a running video. Checkout world’s love for gems & jewellery in postcards and stamps here.

Another fascinating section is "Navgrahas"-the nine planets. The “Navratan” wall has nine idols with nine stones representing the nine-planets, blessing the visitors with peace and prosperity. Beads and carvings sectionillustrates another dimension of craftsmen’s creativity.

The next highlight is Jaipur’s pride – the exquisite ‘kundan–meena’ jewellery. Embedded with coloured gemstones, kundan (pure gold), meena (enamel) and diamonds, the classic jewellery designs carved on gold and silver bespeak the story of unmatched and exclusive craftsmanship.

The museum displays and educates about the off-beat French-enamel,Victorian, Tanjore, Thewa and Fusion jewellery types .Next is gold and diamond jewellery set with precious stones beautifully exhibited followed by silver, fashion and costume jewellery. Visitors are wooed by the idea of creative jewellery made from materials like rope, leather, grass, clay, shell, plastic, watch parts, playing cards, stamps etc.

The museum, a joint effort of Indian Jewellers from New York and Jaipur traders, will be a source of education and inspiration for younger generations. It is heartening to note that many gemstones and jewellery business houses and organizations including Rajasthan chamber and many individual donors have joined in and gave a helping hand.A bigger and better museum with a permanent set-up is in view, which management describes as"knowledge center for gems and jewellery" instead of a museum.

This museum is one of its kinds, which bespeak a story of an extra ordinary artistry, craftsmanship and passion of the trade. Museum of Gem and Jewellery is sure to boost tourism and trade in the city, and is indeed a valuable addition to the city’s rich heritage adding colours to the Pink city.

Museum of Gem and Jewellery

Visiting Hours : 10:00am to 05:30pm (Open All 7 Days)

Gem & Jewellery Museum Address

Museum of Gem and Jewellery
Rajasthan Chamber Bhawan, MI Road, Modikhana, Jaipur, Rajasthan



Gem & Jewellery Museum

Gem & Jewellery Museum

Museum of Gem & Jewellery Federation in Jaipur

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