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Top Restaurants in Pushkar

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Pushkar is one of the most visited destinations of Rajasthan, majorly known as one of the popular destinations for the pilgrims. Pushkar is a city which gets most of its visitors during the occasion of  Karthik Purnima, and during this time the great camel fair of Pushkar is held. But, besides that the city is visited by Hindu pilgrims from all over the country as this city is one of the most honored pilgrimcenters and thousands of people come here to see the beautiful Pushkar Lake and the 500 temples around it. But,besides all the tourism the people one thing in common and that is food, and like all the other places of Rajasthan.

Pushkar also have a number of restaurants that are truly known for serving scrumptious food and great service, and as you roam around the city you will really find some of the best eateries, cafes, restaurants where you can not only fill your stomach but with their wide range of menus will also match up with your taste buds.

Popular Restaurants of Pushkar Known for Great Food

Funky Monkey Café

This café is a place where you must try its Espresso coffee and the coffee and the fruit custard. This is an awesome place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The people who have visited here always enjoyed nice muesli with fruits, and there are many options to choose from milkshakes to omelets to sandwiches, and you can surely have a grand breakfast with your friends.

This is the point where you can enjoy the best of the fresh fruit bowls and pancakes too. You can order for some very staple bread omelet to fancy items such as pasta and pizza all will be served in good time and of good quality. The service of this café is also very good.

Have a friendly chat with other travelers and happy staff. It serves Fun music with excellent Coffee, german bakery cake, sandwiches and many more. American and Chinese cuisine are priced between INR 55 – INR 165 and it’s an after-hour cafe.

Address : Main Market Road, Near SBBJ Bank, Mahadev Chowk, Choti Basti, Pushkar, Rajasthan 305022
Phone : +(91)- 9829873439

Traveler’s Boutique

This is a great place to hang around for great food and enjoy good music and one can enjoy the best meal ever. The place can provide you with nice tea and coffee and the drinks will be accompanied by the other menus.

People can enjoy the ambiance and the other things like the place and the customers are free to play their own music choices too. So, moreover from being a famous food joint the place is more of a fun point.

Address : Anand Kutir Aashram Punchkund Road, Pushkar 324001


People who are looking to have a nice bite to some crunchy Italian Pizzas then, this place will be too perfect to miss. The customers can order from some tasty pizzas from nice toppings options to some of the nice drinks to accompany on.

The food quality is also very good and the staffs are really friendly who can help you to make your order more delicious pizzas and you can really find this place in between the marketplaces and if you are tired off enough to fill your appetite and this place is really awesome to get a chance to be visited.

Address : Varah Heritage Street, Choti Basti, Pushkar-305022

Café Lake View

Café Lake view stands true to its name as the café stands to overlook the beautiful Pushkar Lake and the visitors who visit here will get floored by the ambiance of the place. The people can order the best-selected foods amongst a wide range of vegetarian delicacies such as veggie salads, yummy cakes and desserts, and many other dishes.

The people can also try for some other shakes and liquid desserts such as Mango Lassi, Yogurt Lassi, are to be mentioned and the people can also taste amongst some international dishes like hummus, pita bread, guacamole, and many others to be mentioned.

Address : Asthal Ghats, Sadar Bazar, Near Badri Ghat, Pushkar 305022

The Sixth Sense

This is one of the lavish restaurants of Pushkar which gets visited by the people who are looking to have dinner on the glitzy rooftop restaurants which is visited by the people for a nice location, warm ambiance, and great food.

The café serves you with a wide range of much-selected menus which are lip-smacking yet they are famous for their culinary makes. The café serves you with great Indian and local Rajasthanithali yet it also serves you with continental dishes like salads, pancakes, pizzas veg sizzlers and many others. You can enjoy the serene ambiance too.

Famous for its Indian food and ambience.

Address : Chotti Basti, Near  Mali ka Mandir, A Haveli Hotel, Inn Seventh Heaven, Pushkar -305022
Phone : +(91)- 145-5105455

Tibetan Kitchen

If you are in Pushkarduring the winters and looking to have some nice stuffed steamed Momos then, you should definitely visit here. This café is typically dedicated to Tibetan foods and one can enjoy thentuk and thukpas and also they serve with some of the best teas in town.

The interior of the café also resembles the culture of Tibet as you can see the Buddhist paintings and the beautiful Tibetan relics on the walls.

With the glittering colorful lamps one can order for Mexican, Italian as well as Tibetan food and indeed it is a place where one can enjoy the complete visit.

This is the best place in Pushkar to have Tibetian cuisines. Visit here for delicious momos

Address : Opp. Dadudura Temple | Choti Basti, Pushkar 305022,

The Laughing Buddha Café

This is a little café but the food served here is really tempting and they are known for serving theinternational cuisines and they also serve Indian Thalis too. The people can try out for agrand breakfast where they can have Banana bread, sandwiches, milkshakes and some yummy frothy coffee.

The café is located in the busy marketplace, so it could be a great eatery during your shopping times. The food is affordable and served in a cozy atmosphere.

Address : Main Market Road, Near Gau Ghat, Badi Basti, Pushkar-305022

Out of the Blue

The café serves a wide range of cuisines including Indian, Mexican, continental, Italian and many others. One can try out for Espresso coffee and also can try out the variouslyflavoredlassis which are a sure hit.

The Indian menus are delightful along with the continental ones too. So, the visitors will love the pizzas which are loved by the majority of the customers.

Address : Main Market Road, Kapra Bazaar, Pushkar-305022

Honey & Spice

Best option for breakfast/brunch or mid morning snack. Muesli and banana bread are some famous items of this place. Most items are priced between Rs 30 – Rs 85 and it opens between 7.30am-6.30pm.

Address : Laxmi Market off Sadar Bazar, Pushkar – 305022 Rajasthan India
Phone : 0145-5105505

The Rasta Cafe

Serves good Indian food with economy rates (Rs 110- Rs 220)

Address : Atithi guest house, Near Boys Higher Secondary School, Pushkar – 305022, Rajasthan India
Phone : +(91)- 9829097973
Website : www.atithiguesthouse.com

Rainbow Restaurant

International restaurant with economic prices (Rs 35 – Rs 100). Opens between 11am-11pm daily.

Address : Sadar Bazaar Rd, Pushkar- 305022 , Rajasthan

Little Italy Restaurant

Italiyan fine dine garden restaurant, famous for pasta and pizza. Price are economic (Rs 80- Rs 120). Opens between 7.30am-11pm daily.

Address : Panch Kund Marg, Pushkar – 305022, Rajasthan India
Phone : +(91)-0145-2772366

Moon Dance Restaurant

Indian , Italian and Mexican restaurant with economic prices (Rs 60- Rs 160). Opens between 7.30am-10.30pm daily.

Address : Town Centre, Pushkar – 305022 Rajasthan India
Phone : +(91)- 0145-2772606

Sun-N-Moon Restaurant

Indian and Italian food with a bodhi tree, a shrine and hungry tortoises in its courtyard. Price are economic (Rs 25- Rs 180). Opens between 7.30am-11pm daily.

Address : Bari Basti, Pushkar – 305022 Rajasthan India.
Phone : +(91)- 0145-2772883

Om Shiva Buffet

This place is the best place to have a fresh Lunch/ Dinner. This place is regularly busy so visit when you have suficient time.

Address : Town Centre, Pushkar, Rajasthan India.
Phone : 0145 2772647

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