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Excursions From Pushkar

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Ajmer is just 15 kms from Pushkar and is known as a pilgrimage site.

Nasiyan (Red) Temple- Nasiyan Temple a Jain forehead with a double storied area which displays several silver coated wooden figures. The area of the forehead is beautifully ornamented with glass mosaic, silver and silver coins work and precious stones.

Ana Sagar Lake- Ana Sagar Lake is a wonderful synthetic pond which got its name from Anaji Chauhan (grandfather of Prithvi Raj Chauhan).There is a stone pavilion beside the river which was designed by Emperor Shahjahan. Also, there is a charming yard known as Daulat Bagh which was set by Emperor Jehangir.

Ajmer-e-Sharief Dargah- One of the India’s most important pilgrimage is Ajmer-e-Sharief . It is a center for people from all faiths. It is the splendid tomb of the Sufi saint Khawaja Moinuddin Chisti more popularly known as Khawaja Saheb or Khawaja Sharif. The shrine is next only to Mecca or Median for the Muslims of South Asia.

Adhai-Din-Ka Jhonpara- Ajmer has an interesting building known as Adhai Din ka Jhopra, which is said to have been built in just 2 ½ days. Previously a Sanskrit college in the 12th century, which Mohammad Ghori later plundered and got rebuilt into a mosque.

Govt. Museum- The Royal palace of Akbar was converted into a museum and Ajmer Government Museum Housed in the beautiful fort and palace built by the Mughal Emperor Akbar in 1570, and situated in the heart of the old city and close to the railway station is this museum.

Taragarh Fort- Built in the 7th century by Ajaipal Chauhan, the fort gives a bird’s eye view of the city. Taragarh Fort or the ‘Star fort’ is situated on a hill and to reach there, one has to take winding bridle path.


Kishangarh is at a distance of 43 kms from Pushkar and known for its forts and palaces.

Phool Mahal Palace– The Phool Mahal Palace was constructed in the year 1870 by the king Kishangarh Maharaja. It is located in the centre of the city and has now been converted into a boutique hotel for tourists.

Roopangarh Fort– The Roopangarh Fort was built by Maharaja Roop Singh in 1648. The fort is now restored and converted into a heritage hotel. This hotel is best-suited for those who enjoy a sense of history.


Nagaur is 135 kms away from Pushkar and famous for its Mahals.

Hadi Rani MahalHadi Rani Mahal is one of the superb piece of architechture of Rajasthan. The walls and ceilings of this palace are adorned with antique carvings and scriptures. Beautiful collection of mural paintings, which depict the Queen Hadi Rani with her numerous attendants are still there inside the palace.

Jain Temple in GlassJain Glass Temple of Nagaur is situated behind the Kamla Tower. This whole temple is made of glass, and it is a unique shrine among all the Jain temples. Tourists can see the attractive glass works inside the temple which represent the ancient art in the form of the Jain scriptures. This temple has different figures of Lord Mahavira apart from the statues of the other 23 Jain Tirthankaras and adorned with ornamental arches and beautiful marble works.

Nagaur FortNagaur Fort is a prime tourist attraction located in the Nagaur city. It is a beautiful sandy fortress built in the 2nd century. This is the best flat land fort of Rajasthan and is famous for its high walls and huge campus. The Nagavanshis constructed this fort and later on, it was renovated by Mohammed Bahlim. The fort has three main entrances; the first entrance was made of iron and wood spikes to guard against elephant charges and enemy attacks. The second entrance is ‘Beech Ka Pol’ and the last entrance is ‘Kacheri Pol’. Tourists can see many palaces, fountains, temples, and beautiful gardens inside the fort.

Deepak Mahal– Deepak Mahal is a beautiful palace located in Nagaur and is a place of tourist attraction. The walls of this palace are decorated with unique floral designs.

Rani Mahal– Rani Mahal, one of the superb piece of architecture of Rajasthan was the living place of the Queens and was adorned beautifully. Tourists can see grand royal swimming pools inside the palace.

Saiji ka Tanka– Saiji ka Tanka, another tourist place of Nagaur is also known for the Samadhi of the saint, Shri Saiji Maharaj.This place is visited by large numbers of devotees who come to offer their prayers to the saint.

Nagaur Fort

Nagaur Fort

Nagaur Fort by Rituraj.bharti

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