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Avari Mata Temple

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Avari Mata Temple is one of the popular temples in Rajasthan which is located in the Bhadesar Town of Chittorgarh. The temple is dedicated to goddess Avari Mata and the temple the Aasawara village. The temple is beautifully nestled amidst the hills and springs. The temple is located near a pond which is believed to be holy and there is a beautiful idol of Lord Hanuman on the premises. The temple is having a serene and beautiful backdrop which is soothing and people in huge numbers visit here. The temple is constructed in a simple manner as the architecture is having two entries or doors and also made with small towers. The temple architecture is very much similar to ancient Hindu temples and there are beautiful paintings and structures of Hindu deities and the main Idol of the temple is located at the central part. The idol is beautifully decorated with flowers and gold jewelry.

History of Avari Mata Temple

It is believed that the temple is having special powers to heal people and the devotees visit this temple to heal themselves from many ailments which are chronic and became incurable for years. There are many people who come with their families and stay here to get their family members cured fully and also visit the temple and enjoy the vicinity.

There is a custom of taking oil to the temple where the oil is being purified with mantra and holy chants and used for treatments, as the oil is applied to the affected areas and it is believed that the patient gets cured. The devotees also attend the daily arati of Avari Mata which is sacred and the devotees attend there in huge numbers to see the aarti. The occasion of Navrati and Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp and show.



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