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Punrasar Balaji

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Punrasar Balaji is also one of the major Hindu Temples of Rajasthan which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and located quite a few kilometers away from the Bikaner City. Basically we can say that the temple is a prominent tourist attraction of Rajasthan where people go for their religious trips and they enjoy the beautiful view of the idol as they have strong faith in it. It is the one of the famous temples of Rajasthan where many Hindu traditions are worked out and many people come to the temple because of the strong religious significance and the many stories related to the temple which only increases the faith of the people on this temple. The temple was established in the year 1775 of the Vikram Samvat calendar and the time was Jaishtha Shudhi Purnima. The temple is also having a tree called Khejdi and there is also an idol of Lord Hanuman is settled there. There is an ancient Hindu Tradition of ‘ Mundan’ which is known as Jhadula or (cutting off the birth hair of the child) is performed here and many parents find this places a pious one and goes for it.

There is also a specialty of this temple is the Prasad which is only offered I the famous Rajasthani recipe ‘Churma’ which is made from sugar, wheat flour and ghee and the Prasad is distributed to the devotees only it is offered as bhog to the idol.

There is a large number of people gather at this temple during the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti and that could be one of the best things one could experience here.

History of Punrasar Balaji

The temple is standing to its religious platform with many of the historical importance and these are such famous stories which have been legends over the time. The temple is believed to be the temple run by a family after a strong story heard by the local people there.

It is believed that a strong famine occurred in Punrasar in year 1774 and that drove people to flee from the village in search of food and money but there was a man named jairam Das Bothra who went to Punjab in search of food and grain and when he was about to start his journey on a camel cart the camel broke its leg and was unable to walk and that is why he asked his colleagues to rest as the camel was unable to carry the grains.

As he was sleeping he felt there is someone who is calling him but he did not see anybody and he started remembering Lord Hanuman and was asking who was behind the sound who was calling him and Lord Hanuman appeared there disguising as a pandit and called him ‘O Devotee don’t scare as there will be no trouble from now and he asked Bothra while pointing towards the statue of the Hanuman Idol and asked him to carry it wherever you go and also to establish it in the village by making a temple and it will remove all the problems in the village.

Bothra answered to the pandit that the camel is injured and he cannot move on but the pandit replied that the camel is fine and he can carry on his journey, and Bothra was astounded to see the camel was doing well, and he stopped his journey and decided to establish the idol and make the temple in the village and it is one of the renowned hanuman Temples in Rajasthan.

Since then the temple is managed by the members of the Bothra family and the successors of Bothra is religiously taking care of the temple and the deity of Lord Hanuman and made it a religious trip of the state.



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