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Shopping In Udaipur

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Udaipur is popularly known as the city of lakes and also as the ‘Blue City of Rajasthan’. The city is also famous for its lakes, palaces, royal structures, temples and other stunning architectures. Apart from the beautiful viewing the royal architectures, the travelers will love another activity which is no less than any celebration and that is shopping. Udaipur is a delightful hub for shoppers. Udaipur has a large number of small shops, big showrooms and roadside stalls that would offer you an extensive variety to choose from. Udaipur is well known for attractive handicrafts. One can buy these handicrafts directly from small factories, located around the city, at a very reasonable price. Besides this other shopping item of Udaipur are pottery, jewelry, wooden toys, puppets, antique items and paintings. Places like Hathi Pol, Bada Bazaar, Chetak Circle, and Palace Road are some of the popular street shopping arcades of Udaipur. Street shopping in Udaipur is a real charm for shopaholics. Shopping in Udaipur could be one of the best experiences in the city and that is why one can have them in all of the roadside stalls, big shopping malls, and the best shopping can be done in the small shops too.

Things to Buy in Udaipur

Udaipur is particularly known for its ancient hand paintings and miniature paintings and these paintings are from the Mughal and Rajput era and that is why the travelers love to shop them as the best option to decorate their homes and these paintings reflect the lifestyle of the kings and the queens and people love the paintings that are done in various colors. The other things that can be bought from Udaipur streets and shops are potteries, handicrafts, toys, wooden artifacts, home decorating items, antiques, jewelry, clothes especially the local ones which are decorated with glass and other craft work and that is why there are many options to fill up your bags. People who are looking for more delicate items like brass ware,  handmade papers, painted wooden boxes, terracotta sculptures and many others which are more decorative items for homes and the people can get them in higher price if they are new to the city but the bargaining quality would help them to get them in the right price.

Best Udaipur Shopping Places

Bada Bazar Udaipur

This is one of the most important places to shop in Udaipur and people can get the glimpse of colorful market over here. The market is also considered as the main market of the city where you can shop for colorful lehangas, mojris, home decorating items, and here people can also buy camel leather objects, handmade artifacts, bags, wallets, leather goods and many other things that are the significant mark of Udaipur and people will love the things as the memento of Udaipur Tourism.  Located near GhantaGhar and people can hire a tuktuk and reach the place very easily for an exclusive experience of street and busy market shopping.

Hathi Pol

This is another market which is considered as one of the most important markets of the city and people can go for the best shopping here. There are many things to buy in Udaipur apart from paintings and handicrafts and Hathi Pol is sucha place where people would love to see the saree and leahanga shops which are hard to ignore, the ornamental designs done with crystals, zari and mirror are a real pleasure and the tourists will love to buy them. There are many shops around where the tourist scan buy for dyed clothes especially duppattas and other textiles and they can also get the option of buy genuine mojris and nagra shoes which are embroidered heel less shoes worn with the traditional clothes of Rajasthan and also can be worn usually, they are delicate and exquisite looking for their hand worked embroidery. The market can be reached easily from the city palace.

Chetak Circle Market

Chetak Circle is such a market where the travelers will have a different experience of Udaipur Shopping and they can buy for potteries, handicrafts, and this market could be one of the best for buying small gift items for your family and friends and you can buy from dancing puppets, that are the prominent mark of Rajasthan and one can also buy wall decorations, and small gift items such as pens and pen stands, painted wooden boxes,pots, platescloth traditional lanterns, handmade papers, vessels and different kinds of containers which can be kept as a mark of tour of Rajasthan . There is also a nearby market which is known as Mandi Bazar where you can buy freshly grounded spices especially the red peppers which are found in various forms in Rajasthan and one should definitely buy them.

Palace Road Market

This is one of the best streets for shopping in Udaipur and one cannot miss the palace road which is having the significance just after Bada Bazar Udaipur and here the people can buy for various tings such as brassware, terracotta dolls and structures and many other things. There are many objects that should not be missed while you visit Udaipur and they are kundan jewelry, antique items, leather goods, and handicrafts and here in this road you can get them all and you will definitely love them.

Traditional Shopping in Udaipur

Udaipur is a place where you cannot afford to miss to buy ethnic clothes, and there are some shops such as Rajasthali which is a government shopping emporium and you can buy the local artifacts from here such as puppets, handicrafts, marble items, clothes etc. Tourists can also visit ‘Sadhna’ which is a shop that is dedicated to rural women of Rajasthan and one can see the dynamic and stunning collection of handmade clothes, toys, textiles made by them in an very affordable price.Shilpgram is a Rural Arts and Crafts Complex or the Craft Village is known for exhibiting the stunning collection of wooden furniture, pottery collection and many others for the tourists.

Pinto Hall, Udaipur Palace

Pinto Hall, Udaipur Palace

Pinto Hall, Udaipur Palace by Aparajith Bharathiyan

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