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Famous Museums in Udaipur

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Udaipur is a historical city which had a rich past and museum in Udaipur are what have preserved the artifacts of the bygone era. If you are planning holidays to Udaipur then make sure you visit some art museums of Udaipur. All these museums display some rare and unique collections of Kings who once ruled the city. All the museums in Udaipur are well maintained and charges minimal fees to explore the vast collections of antiques.

City Palace Museum is the most famous of all which houses the number of artwork. Not only the collection but the architecture of the museum is worth noticing. The building is beautiful carved out with amazing designs and artwork. Other notable museum in the city are Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum, Gulab Bagh Museum, Bagore Ki Haveli Museum , Car Museum and more.

Famous Museums to Visit in Udaipur

Ahar Archaeological Museum

Ahar Archaeological Museum is a great museum exhibiting the very rare collection of the artifacts and objects that dated back to the 10th century and indeed these collections are something to watch out for. The collection includes potteries, coins, iron objects, and huge statues of Lord Buddha and God Surya along with many unique terracotta collections.

Timings of Ahar Museum: 10:00 am to 04.30 pm, Closed on Friday and National holidays. 
Entry Fee of Ahar Museum: Rs 3/

Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum

Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum is one of the nice places to visit in Udaipur and the museum exhibits the beautiful folk articles of the state. The articles can range from dresses, musical instruments, paintings, masks, puppets and many others. The museum is specially made to encourage and highlight the folk culture of Mewar.

Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum Timing: 9 am to 4pm. Closed on public holidays.
Bhartiya Lok Kala Museum Entry Fees : Rs 20/- (Indian) or Rs 35 /- (foreigners) per person

City Palace Museum Udaipur

The City Palace Museum is also one of the best Udaipur Tourist attractions and one can see for the beautiful rooms that are festooned with fine mirror work and the museum houses the exclusive paintings of the battle of Haldighati that was fought by Maharana Pratap of Mewar and depicts his heroism.

City Palace Museum Udaipur Timings : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
City Palace Museum Udaipur Tickets : Starting from Rs 30

Crystal Gallery Udaipur

Crystal Gallery has a rare and exclusive collection of crystals that includes exclusive furniture i.e. Crystal chairs, tables, beds, sofas etc.Maharana Sajjan Singh ordered them from F&C Osler & Co in England in the year 1877. But the saddest part is that Maharana died before these crystals arrived, and these items were overlooked and packed up in boxes for 110 years.

Crystal Gallery Timings:9.00 am to 6.30 pm
Crystal Gallery Entry fee: Rs.550 per Adult , Rs.350 per Child (Inclusive of Audio guide service and Refreshments at Surya Darshan Bar/The Sunset Terrace.)

Vintage Collection of Classic Car

Vintage Collection of Classic Car museum is dedicated to the classic Vintage cars and mostly houses the cars of the Maharana and there are more than 22 cars in the museum and these cars actually tell the high end life style of the kings and the tourists can get a nice of dining in the restaurant that is settled in the museum and the place serves a nice vegetarian thali.