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Shilpgram Udaipur

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Located about 3 km from Udaipur City, Shilpgram is an art and craft complex which is spread over an area of 70 acres of land surronded by the Aravalli Mountains. Shilpgram is an like an exhibition hall that delineates the ways of life of the society and tribal individuals of the Udaipur and nearby areas. With a goal of expanding mindfulness and information about the rural arts and crafts of Rajasthan, the Shilpgram gives chance to rustic and urban craftsmen to meet up and cooperate through the procedure of camps and workshops. Within this complex, there are number of huts of the member states which are constructed incorporating traditional architectural features of different geographical and ethnic groups residing within the West Zone of India comprising of five Federal States.

Traditional Huts in Shilpgram

In this incorporated pattern are 5 huts from Rajasthan, which represents the weavers group from Marwar, ceramics from the uneven ranges of Mewar and the tribal farmers of the Bhil and the Sehariyas .

From Gujarat there are 7 representative huts. A bunch of six huts from Banni zone and one from Bhujodi have been chosen from the dry badlands of Kutch. The Banni bunch comprises of 2 huts each of the Rebari, Harijan and Muslim people who are known for their weaving, embroidery, dab and mirror work, wood work and rogar work. Similarly notable for its valiant stallions, Lambdia town Gujarat is chosen with a potter’s hut. Next to Lambdia potter’s workshop at the Shilpgram is the weaver’s cottage from Vasedi town in Chota Udaipur in western Gujarat. Two huts belogs to the Dang and Rathwa tribal groups of southern Gujarat. Notwithstanding these, there is an elaborately cut wooden house from Pethapur close Gandhinagar.

From Konkan shoreline of Maharashtra, the Koli Hut is from a seashore village in Raigarh area. Next to it stands one from Kolhapur – representing leather chappal craftsmen from southern Maharashtra. From Thane locale is a Warli hovel packed with its wall paintings. The tribal agriculturist group of the Kunbis is likewise spoken to alongside two huts of the Gond and Maria tribal groups from eastern Maharashtra well known for their ‘dokra’ work.

From Goa there are 5 representative huts. A potter’s hut from Bicholim stands in close proximity to a Hindu hut and Christian hut made of local laterite stone. From the lush green taluka of Canacona is a typical hut of the Kulumbi tribal agriculturalists renowned for their grass and cane weaving work. A hut chosen from the Mandovi riverside represent the traditional fisherman’s way of life.

Shilpgram Festival Udaipur

The Shilpgram Festival is organised every year from 21 December to 31 December. The Shilpgram Fair (Shilpgram Mela), a part of the festive celebrations, serves as a destination for hand woven clothes, embroideries, mirror works and handicrafts.The Mela aids in encouraging the urban potters, visual artists and designers and the cottage industry of Rajasthan. The Festival provides opportunities for learning the craft skills through various workshops. Cultural programmes during the evening and the local food stalls attract many visitors and locals.

Places to Visit in Shilpgram Complex

The complex is mainy focussed on art and crafts of the rural and tribal areas of Rajasthan and other few states. There are number of huts which are best known for shopping in Shilpgram.In these traditional, daily use itmes , as earthenware, textile, wooden and metal things, beautiful decoratives are highlighted with fitting signage and illustrative points of interest with the target to give a reasonable look at the general population and their possessions.

Museums : The Center developed two Museums in the Shilpgram where simple objects of day-to-day use, that represent the sense of wonder and aesthetics in rural and tribal life are put on display.

Crafts Bazaar : In addition, a Crafts Bazar in the fashion of a traditional ‘haat’ was made where visitors could buy traditional crafts from the Zone. Craftsman were invited periodically to demonstrate their skills and sell the crafts to the visitors at the Shilpgram.

Rural Arts and Crafts Complex: It is the open air Amphitheatre with a seating capacity of approximately 8000. Besides the major theatre festivals which the Centre hold here, it is hoped that this facility would motivate the local community as well as outside visitors to take a keener interest in theatre and the traditional folk performing arts.

Shilpgram Timings & Entry Fees

Shilpgram can be visited anytime during the year but the best time to visit Shilpgram is during the Shilpgram festival which is organised every year from 21 December to 31 December.

Shilpgram Timings : 11am to 7pm
Shilpgram Entry Fees : Indian (adult and child)- Rs.30 && Foreign visitors- Rs.50

Shilpgram in Udaipur

Shilpgram in Udaipur

Photo Credit: Chinmayisk (Wiki)

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