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Shopping in Bundi

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Bundi is one of the best place to buy goods like miniature paintings and exquisite cotton carpets. Tourists can also purchase some beautiful collection of Kota sarees from Bundi town.

Cotton carpet with unique paintings is a major shopping item of the Bundi town and is available in nearly all the shops in the main bazaar of Bundi. Some of the other shopping items of Bundi are wood carved items, metal wares, hand-painted items, silver jewelry, and murals. The Bundi city, famous for its unique paintings, has many shops that date back to the 17th century.

Famous Shopping Places in Bundi

Some of the famous Markets in Bundi are

  • Main Bazar – Bundi is widely known for cotton carpets, designed beautifully. The main bazaar of Bundi town is filled with many shops which sells uniquely designed cotton carpets.
    Some of the shops even date back to the 17th century. Wooden toys and stone statue art are also sold here. Women may purchase Kota sarees and lac bangles from Main bazaar.
  • The Sadar Bazar – The Sadar Bazar is another important market area of the Bundi town, Rajasthan.
    You can find some Shopping Malls and local shops in this market. Cotton carpet is also one of the selling items in the Sarad Bazar.
  • Chaumaukh Bazaar– Jewelleries and Cotton carpets are common items found in the Chaumaukh Bazaar.

Things to Buy in Bundi

Bundi the best place to buy uniquely designed cotton carpets, silver jewellery, wood carved items and hand painted items.

Traditional Bangles of Bundi

Traditional Bangles of Bundi

Traditional bangles by Julie Laurent

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