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Things to do in Bundi

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Bundi is famous for its heritage forts and palaces and amazingly designed step-wells. Bundi is a perfect spot for a vacation with ample sightseeing locations with a shopping appetite.

Activities to do in Bundi

World Famous Step-Wells

Bundi baori’s or step-wells are one of the charming works of architecture with an attitude of social work in ancient times. This town of wells has step-wells like Raniji-ki-Baori and artificial lakes like Nagar Sagar Kund and Nawal Sagar which are in good condition till now.

Fort cum Palace Visit

Like most of the Rajasthan town and cities, Bundi also has magnificent fort and palaces for sightseeing. Taragarh fort has three water tanks which never dried up and Talwas fort has a beautiful waterfall which serves a hotspot for tourists. Bundi palace now gaining its charms back.

Shopping in Bundi

Bundi is known for its miniature paintings and exclusive cotton carpets. Murals, wooden carved items and silver jewelery are some other items to shop here.

Rani ji ki baori, Bundi

Rani ji ki baori, Bundi

Rani ji ki baori by Andrea Kirkby

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