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Excursions from Bundi

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Kota is about 41 kms from Bundi and Baran is about 110 kms away from Bundi are places of tourist attraction and pilgrimage respectively.

City Fort Palace

City Fort Palace have the largest fort complexes in Rajasthan and is located on the eastern edges of the River Chambal in Kota. The Hathi Pol or the Elephant Gate, built in the 17th century, is the main entrance to the fort. The fort’s rugged walls and bastion decorated with domes and hand rails display the majesty of the kings of that time.

Chambal Garden

The Chambal Garden is a famous picnic spot in Kota city. Due to its scenic location and lush green surroundings, visitors attracts toward it.


Alnea is a site of archeological importance as Alnea is famous for its prehistoric carvings. For carving sharp tools made of rocks and stones were used. The rock carvings depicts that the ancient folktales were their inspiration.

Archaeologists and historians have confirmed that the rock carvings, found here date back to the pre-historic era.


Sitabari is a popular religious site in kota located near Baran. According to the Hindu mythology, Godess Sita, the wife of Lord Rama gave birth to Luv and Kush at this place and used to live here when she had left the kingdom to live in the forest.

There is another temple near this place, which is dedicated to Sita and Lakshman.

There are seven water tanks or kunds nearby and the prominent ones are the Sita Kund, the Lakshman Kund, the Luv-Kush Kund, the Balmiki Kund, and the Surya Kund.

The temple and the kunds are located close to the Sita Kuti in the adjoining forest. One of the most famous most famous Sitabari Fair organized here.

Government Museum

The Government meuseum is a popular tourist attraction of Kota located inside the Brij Vilas Palace, close to Kishore Sagar Lake. This museum has a unique collection of old coins, ancient manuscripts, and Hadotio sculptures.

Some of the monuments present here are quite old and date back to the 4th century. The manuscripts and the paintings displayed in the museum speak volumes about the creative minds of people from the medieval era.

Rao Madho Singh Museum

Rao Madho Singh Museum famously known as ‘Maharao Madho Singh museum’, consists of numerous collections which includes attractive ancient sculptures, mural paintings, miniature paintings, royal armory and frescos.



Ramgarh is situated around 45 kms away from Bundi. It was one of the richest towns in Bundi.


Bijolia is situated on the Bundi – Chittorgarh road and is 50 kms away from Bundi . A smooth patio on the side of the fort, which has a large temple of Lord Shiva in centre along with the statue of Lord Ganesha at the entrance.


Dugari fort is situated 65 kms way from Bundi and has assortment of antique wall paintings at the Ram temple.

Indragarh Fort

The fort of Indragarh, well known for the temples of Goddess Kali and Kamleshwar is just 77 kms from Bundi.

Jait Sagar Lake

Jait Sagar was built by Jaita Meena and it has a scenic lake framed in the hills whose fountain is an effective enjoyment to eyes at the nighttime.


Rameshwaram, the cave temple of Lord Shiva is also not too far from Bundi.

Kota, Rajasthan

Kota, Rajasthan

Partially submerged palace by vedantlath

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