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Shekhawati Festival

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Shekhawati region is well known for its deep-rooted culture and valuable heritage. Now Shekhawati Festival starts spreading the aroma of Shekhawati region everywhere.

The Shekhawati region in Rajasthan comes alive with Shekhawati festival. In the month of February, this region celebrates the Shekhawati Festival. This festival is jointly organized by the State Department of tourism and the Morarka Foundation.

The district administrations of Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and Churu are also helping to organize this mega event. From the last 21 years, the Shekhawat Festival is running very successfully.

Shekhawati Festival 2020 Dates & Programmes

Time Activities Place
Wednesday,12 February-2020
11:00 am Local Games & Sports – Competition Initial
Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
03:15 pm Organic Food Court -Inauguration
04:15 pm Craft Bazar-Inauguration
Thursday, 13 February-2020
11:00 am onwards Local Games & Sports, Craft Bazar &
Organic Food Court -Continued
Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
01:45 pm Cultural Performance-Competitions Initial
Tagore Smarti Bhawan, Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
03:00 pm onwards Inauguration by Chief Guest
Cultural Program
Friday, 14 February-2020
10:10 am onwards Local Games & Sports , Craft Bazar &Organic Food Court -Continued Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
11:30 am Poster,Painting & Bandhej-Competitions
01:00 pm Organic Lunch at Organic Food Court Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
01:30 pm Mahendi, Musical Chair & Rangoli – Competitions Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
03:30 pm Cultural Performance – Competitions Semi Finals
05:00 pm Cultural Ceremony & Price Distribution
05:30 pm onwards Drama – Artist from Jaipur
Saturday, 15 February-2020
10:00 am onwards Local Games & Sports , Craft Bazar, Organic & Food Court , Bandhej Exhibition-Continued Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
01:30 pm Matka Daur, Rassakassi , Handicraft &
Mahendi – Competition
Surya Mandal Stadium, Nawalgarh
02:30 pm Cultural Performance – Competitions Finals
05:00 pm onwards Shopping Dhamaka – Final Draw
Fire Show
Kavi Sammelan

The main functions of the festival are held at the Surya Mandal Stadium at Nawalgarh. Apart from that functions related to the festival held in areas of Sikar, Jhunjhunu, and Churu also. Starts as a festival to increase rural tourism but now it has expanded and today encompasses both the arts and crafts of the region, local sports as well as a much appreciated organic food festival.

Shekhawati festival includes organized tours, arts, and crafts, cattle fair, organic food court and award ceremony.

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