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Sukh Niwas Palace

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The Sukh Niwas Palace is located in front of the Jai Mandir of Bundi and is decorated with some of the interesting features. The doors of the Sukh Niwas Palace is made up of sandal wood and spread rich aroma in the surroundings. There are proper water channels made to allow the water to let out properly. In past times these water channels were used to flow of cold water and to keep the palace cool during the summer season. This idea was followed to have the effect of air conditioners when there was no electricity. As far as the architecture is concerned the entire palace is decorated with typical Bundi styled murals on all over the walls. The distinctive of these murals is they are in rich maroon, deep blue and off green color.

Sukh Niwas Palace History

Built by Maharao Raja Vishnu Singh in 1773, the Palace has a beautiful garden. It was used as a summer palace by the Maharajas of Bundi State and was the scene of festival processions.

Attractions and Architecture of Sukh Niwas Palace

The Sukh Niwas palace is made up of the locally mined stones of Bundi. The palace is an example of one of the premium specimens of the Rajput structural design.

There are beautifully carved brackets, pillars, and balconies in the palace. The statues of elephants are very gorgeous and made to use abundantly all over the palace.

There is a Diwan – E-Aam, Hathi pol and Naubat khana inside the palace. There is a famous chitrashila or painting room located in the palace. It gives you a glimpse in the history of the past.

The walls and ceilings are completely covered with paintings of the Bundi School. There are shooting scenes, court scenes, festive processions and celebrations on the wall.

There are also pictures of beautiful birds, animals and the scenes from the life of Lord Krishna. All these paintings are in very good condition and tell you a lot about art and existence in the past.

Rudyard Kipling stayed here at the Sukh Niwas Palaces, Bundi as he spent quality time in this palace and has many good memories.

Sukh Niwas Palaces Bundi

Sukh Niwas Palaces Bundi

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