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Jodhpur History

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Jodhpur is no doubt is also a city of royals and used to be the capital kingdom and was the land of the Marwari. The city was always famous for its forts, temples, and palaces and is settled amidst the Thar Desert’s golden sands. Jodhpur is also named as the " Sun City" for its bright and sunny days and indeed for the hotness. The city has some of the major royal architectures of the nation such as the Mehrangarh Fort and the Umaid Bhawan Palace and these are the status of Jodhpur. People from all over the world come to this city of Rajasthan to explore the beautiful Thar. People love to see this city for its unique architectures and its lovely buildings and the city was founded by Rao Jodha in the year 1459 and was named after him.

Jodhpur History

Previously Jodhpur used to be a part of the Gurjara–Pratihara Empire and till 1100 AD and the reign was controlled by a Gurjar King who was a dominant one but later on the area was won by Rao Jodha.

Rao Jodha Jodhpur founded the city of Jodhpur in the year 1459 by, as he was a Rajput chief of the Rathore fraternity.

Rao Jodha prospered in winning battled with the nearby territory and later founded a state which he named as Marwar.

Later in the city was linked with the roadways from Delhi to Gujarat and became one of the major ways of trade between the cities and this was proved as a positive aspect of the city and the king too as it created a successful way of business and trade in copper, silk, opium sandals, coffee, and dates.

Between 1540 and 1556 the Afghans captured North India and it also affected Jodhpur and later the Mughals entered which was followed by the British.

According to the history of Jodhpur during the British Raj, the city got a special place as a trade center and was given the title of the land of Marwar.

Rao Jodha – The Founder of Jodhpur

Rao Jodha was the son of Rao Ranmal lovingly known as Ranamalla of the Rathore dynasty and was born on 28th March 1416. He was known as the founder of the city of Jodhpur as the city was named after his initials.

His father got the ancestral throne of Mandore in the year 1427 and became the administrator of Mewar and sustained the responsibility of staying by the side of Rana Kumbha.

Rao Jodha was a fighter and fought the battle of Chittor when the Sultans of Malwa and Gujarat attacked Rana Kumbha and fought with them fiercely.

But one single night due to his wisdom he got back Mandore and captured and later on he also defeated the rulers of Jalore and Bundi and they submitted, and reined two-thirds of Marwar.

He moved the Jodhpur city to a hill looking at the safety and built his capital as the massive Mehrangarh Fort with seven protecting gates to save his people.

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur

Mehrangarh Fort by Michael Foley

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