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Rajsamand Lake

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Rajsamand Lake is also known as 'Rajsamudra lake'.It is built by Maharana Raj Singh ji in 1660. Located between Rajnagar and Kankroli, just 66 km on the north of Udaipur. Rajasamand lake is built across Gomati, Kelwa and Tali rivers and covered around 510 sq. km area. It is approx 1.75 miles (2.82 km) wide, 4 miles (6.4 km) long and 60 feet (18 m) deep.

On the Rajsamand lake, a 17th century large dam also makes it attractive and useful. Lake embankment has ‘Nauchowki’ that means nine pavilions, constructed by Maharana Raj Singh ji. These magnificent pavilion are carved artistically with pictures of the Sun, chariots, Gods, birds and other artistic carvings.

There are 27 marble slabs which are inscribed with glorifying history of Mewar. These longest etching in India has 1017 stanzas which are called as ‘Raj Prasasti’. Its southern embankment is completely made of white marble with stone steps touching the lake.

It also have famous five toranas (weighing arches) where Maharana Raj Singh and his descendants organized the event of Tuladan (Kings used to weigh themselves in gold and then distributed it amongst the Brahmans).

During World War II, Rajsamand lake also used as the seaplane base of Imperial Airways for six years.

Sunset adds to its beauty as its lake water glitters marvelously. Fabulous scenery of Rajsamand Lake can be enjoy on the way to Kankroli and Kumbhalgarh.

Location of Rajsamand Lake

There are regular buses and other means from Udaipur which is just 66 km away.

Rajasmand Lake

Rajasmand Lake

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