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Siliserh Lake

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Siliserh Lake in Alwar city is a man-made lake about 13 kms away from the city. Built by Maharaja Vinay Singh in 1845, the lake is located in the north-eastern part of Rajasthan. The king built the lake the people of Alwar, in order to conserve water and use it for the city. The lake is spread over an area of 7 km. With Aravalli hills in its backdrop, the beauty of the lake is just phenomenal. A beautiful Lake palace was also built by the Maharaja for his beloved wife Shila which was used as his lake palace and a hunting lodge.

There are number of activities you can do in the lake like boating, romantic dinner and scuba diving too. You can also enjoy bird watching near the lake,since numerous species of birds come here.

If you are on the way to Sariska Tiger Reserve, than you must make a stoppage at this beautiful lake which is just 13 km from Alwar City. There are also many lush gardens around the lake, which were constructed by the several kings of Alwar over a period of decades.

The best time to visit the lake and palace is during the winter months when the weather is quite pleasant and the lake is filled with migratory birds.



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