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Jagat Shiromani Temple

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Jagat Shiromani Temple in Amer is one of the popular temples of Rajasthan and the temple is basically visited more by the devotees of Lord Krishna. The temple is one of the most popular tourist’s attractions of Amer and also one of the religious places to visit in Rajasthan. The temple was built by Queen Kankawati who was the queen of Raja Man Singh I and the temple was built in memory her son- Jagat Singh. The architecture of this temple is beautiful and believed to be constructed between the years 1599-1608 AD.

The temple belongs to Lord Krishna and his very renowned devotee Meera Bai. More and people from all over the country visit this temple during the most joyful occasion of Janmashtami and is also a sacred place of the Vaishnavites.

This temple is located near the Amer Fort and the temple notable fort is beautiful architecture and the temple has two main entrances. The main entrance gate can be seen from the main road of the city of Amer and the second gate is linked from the stairs of the palace of Amer and it reaches the open courtyard of the temple.

The history of Jagat Shiromani

There are many interesting stories are about this temple and according to them the idol of Lord Krishna installed in this temple is believed to be the same statue that Meera Bai used to worship in her life when she was in Mewar, which is about 600 years back.

This statue was saved from rulers of Amer during the Mughal war with Mewar state who wanted to destroy the idol but it was brought safely to Amer. And a statue was set in a temple. Even the statue of Meera Bai has been installed with Lord Krishna by witnessing her devotion.

Meera Bai was a Rajput lady and further, she was married to Raja Bhoj, but she was more into her devotion and sacrificed her life in the name of Lord Krishna where she wrote many poetries and bhajans.



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