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Laxman Mandir

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Laxman Mandir is located at center of Bharatpur City in Rajasthan. The principal deities enshrined are Laxmanji and Urmila ji, but in addition to them other small idols of Ram, Bharat, Shtrughan and Hanuman are also installed . All these idols are of Astadhatu. The variety of sculptural work and architecture of the temple is unique. The front portion of the Jagmohan form top to bottom is decorated with relief features, floral patterns and birds. Similarly, the ceiling of the Jagmohan is not less in beauty. This also is a wonderful creation of sculpture. Since the temple stands at the heart of the City of Bharatpur, there is always a crowd of visitors present.

History of Temple

The king of Bharatpur at that time is said to met with a Saint namely Shri Sant dass . Those were the last days of the kings rule. This sage Sant Dass was the great devotee of Laxmanji and always remained dedicated to him. It is said that soon after the foundation of the temple was laid Maharaja Baldev Singh who had in fact founded it, declared his son Balwant Singh as his successor king. Thus Maharaja Balwant Singh in his rule got the temple constructed. The idols were enshrined in the Vikram Samvat 1947. The Laxmanji temple of Deeg according to its pujari Pandit Murari Lal Prashar, is older than this temple and the royal family of Bharatpur regards both the Laxmanji temples as their royal temples.


The Bharatpur temple is made of almond color sand stone of Bansi Phadpur. The temple is on the first story. In this temple ornamental work and floral patterns have been encarved.

Laxman Mandir in Bharatpur

Laxman Mandir in Bharatpur

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