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Things to do in Bharatpur

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Bharatpur is a small yet beautiful city of Rajasthan which can give you ample of chances to have a nice trip to the historic era of Rajasthan. The city is a narrow passage to major cities of Rajasthan such as Udaipur, Jaisalmer, and Jodhpur. The city is having a great Bird Sanctuary and national park which is stated as UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city is also home to many migratory birds and people mostly come here to see the beautiful Siberian cranes especially during the autumn season.

The city was ruled by Rajputs, Mughals, and the Jats and also by the British in the past years, and there are many forts and palaces present in this city. Some of the best things to do in Bharatpur are to visit the places such as Deeg Palace, Lohagarh Fort, and Keoladeo Ghana Sanctuary.

Bharatpur Activities – Best Things to do in Bharatpur

A day out with the Birds in the Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary

People who are looking to do the best things to do in Bharatpur will love to explore the Keoladeo Sanctuary and National Park. The park is indeed a stunning place to watch both birds and mammals and that is why the people who are looking to explore both the beauties should never leave any chance to visit here.

There are more than 230 species of birds can be seen here and the place is home especially to the migratory birds and people in huge numbers visit in the months of November to February and they can also watch for many mammals too.

Discover the beautiful amalgamation of stunning architecture and ancient temples

Discovering the various temples can be one of the most interesting Bharatpur activities you can go for. The city is having a good number of temples and most of them are known for their beautiful architecture and built. There are many of them who even belong to hundreds of years back and are really popular amongst society.

Some of the popular temples of Bharatpur are Ganga Temple which is a gorgeous example of stunning architecture, Laxman temple, Jaikhadi Mai Temple, Durga Temple, and Devghat which is one of the most visited religious places of the city for the Hindus.

A trip to the various Forts and Palaces

Very primarily the tourists can visit the Lohagarh Fort which is the epitome of strength as the fort is made of iron and the fort has survived many war attacks and still it stands still with honor.

More palaces you can explore is the other palace such as Kasrra Durbar palace and Deeg Palace which is also a great palace and reminisces rich history of Bharatpur.

The people who come here to see the beautiful city of Bharatpur would never fail to visit these palaces and that is why they can have a nice trip to the city and counted as one of the best Bharatpur activities.

Do not miss the Bharatpur Government Museum to see the 2nd Century Articles

Bharatpur Government Museum is a great place to explore the beautiful articles of the 2nd century and the museum exhibits the beautiful collection of miniature paintings done on banyan leaf and mica and old litho papers, sculptures, weapons of the Jat rulers, inscriptions, along with paintings of the Maharajas of Bharatpur.

The museum is located inside the very popular Lohagarh Fort and also displays a wide collection of archaeological objects of ancient Bharatpur. The museum used to be previously an important room known as the Khas Kamra of the rulers but it was converted into a museum in 1944.

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Sunset at Bharatpur Sanctuary by Saad Akhtar

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