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Bharatpur - Paradise for Bird Lovers

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Bharatpur Tourism and Travel Guide

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Known as the " Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan" Bharatpur situated about 50 km west of Agra welcomes its connoisseurs to devour the richness of this historical city that represent the culture of this surreal place. Acknowledged for its numerous fortified forts and royal palaces that dot the kingdom, Bharatpur is truly a muse for the history and art lovers. Tempting the backpackers with it’s truly desi vibes, Bharatpur in Rajasthan has a galore of tourist places that need to be explored. Being one of the main stop-offs on the Delhi-Jaipur-Agra Golden Tourism Triangle, Bharatpur is often thronged by visitors across the country.

Bharatpur- World’s Most Fascinating Bird Reserve

A perfect retreat for the admirers of avifaunal species, Bharatpur is home to the famous Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary which houses some of the rarest species of birds. Formerly known as Bharatpur National Park, the Keoladeo National Park holds the most important role for tourism in Bharatpur. It is a World Heritage Site of UNESCO.

It is home to more than 230 varied species of birds, around 200 different species of amphibians and reptiles and over 350 exotic floral species which can be found here. Nicknamed as “Ghana” by the locals, the Keoladeo National Park also serves as a winter home to the endangered Siberian Crane.

History of Bharatpur

Bharatpur has it’s named inked with golden letters in the history of India, which dates back to the 5th century BC when Matsya kingdom flourished here. The legends have it that Matsyas were the allies of Pandavas in the Mahabharata war hence the name Bharatpur traces its origin to Bharat, the younger brother of Lord Ram.

It is said that Laxman, the other sibling was given the highest position of being the family deity of Bharatpur’s ruling family. His name is also engraved in the state seals and coat-of-arms. Later in the 18th century, Maharaja Suraj Mal captured the fort of Bharatpur by annihilating Khemkaran, the rival chieftain and then laid the foundation for Bharatpur.

Numerous forts, royal palaces that dot the kingdom, including the Pleasure Palace Complex at Deeg is credited to Maharaja Suraj Mal.

Why visit Bharatpur

This mystical town is a hidden gem in Rajasthan that showcases well preserved historic sites decorated with the lavish royal gardens. A trip to Bharatpur will open up the doors to the exotic wildlife as Bharatpur houses Keoladeo, a World Heritage-listed National Park where the wetland area supports a range of birdlife, including the critically endangered Siberian crane and other migratory species.

One can explore the wildlife, engage in bird watching or enjoy photography here. Some of the major tourist attractions in Bharatpur include the Lohargarh Fort, Deeg Fort, Deeg Water Palace, Laxman Temple and Ganga Temple. The best time to visit Bharatpur is from February-March and from October to December.

Best Time to Visit Bharatpur

The best time to go is September to February as the weather is pleasant and the migratory birds arrive at the sanctuary in large numbers.
Summers are too hot and monsoons too wet.
June to September is the rainy season and good for short trips.
But for an avid bird watcher, most months of the year hold some promise.

Weather in Bharatpur

Bharatpur has a hot and scorching eated climate in summers (March - June) and temperature ranges in 37 °C to 45°C normally.
In monsoon i.e from July to September, Bharatpur gets rid of hot climate and the average temperature falls down to about 27 °C, with humidity level nearing 70%.
Winter months, from December to February are pleasant and night temperature falls to 7 °C but day can hold up to 40 °C.

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