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Shri Nakoda Parshawnath Jain Temple

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Shree Nakoda ji or Parshwanath Temple of Nakoda is one of the important pilgrimage sites of the Jains. This Jain temple is situated on a beautiful hill of around 1500 feet about 13 km from Balotara Railway station and 1 km from Mewad city. There are many statues in this temple while the statue of the Jain saint (tirthankara) Parshvanth in black stone is a major attraction of Nakoda.

Besides this, there is another temple with high leading steps called the Shantinath temple. Thousands of pilgrims and tourists come here with devotion and admire the brilliant work of architecture. The temple of Pundarik Swami dates back to the 16th century while the Charbhuja temple and the Shiva temple had been 500-600 years ago.

The glory of Lord parshwanath and the protecting deity of the pilgrimage Shree Bhairavji Maharaj is so much world-renowned that they are considered by the devotees as ‘Haath-Ka-Huzoor’ (Lord at hand) and ‘Jaagti Jot’ (Living light). This place has a thousand miraculous anecdotes. Wishes made in the name of this place attain fulfillment.

Shree Nakoda ji Temple Architecture

The main temple consists of the teerth Adhiraj idol along with with the idols of Shri Adinath Bhagwan & Shri Shantinath Bhagwan in other temples in its campus. Shri Nakoda Parshwanath Bhagwan in Padmasan mudra, 58 cm in height, is an amazing blueish color statue.

The life history of Shri Shantnath Bhagwan is displayed in the form of idols and placed on the walls of the Shri Shantinath Bhagwan temple. There are several small and big temples near the main temple. On the right side of the temple, a magnificent idol of ‘Sanwalia’ (dusky) Parshwanath is installed.

On the right, outside the main temple, stands the magnificent temple of Lord Shantinath. Here the full-size images of Lord Parshwanath and Lord Shantinath are etched on marble. Outside the main temple, two ancient idols of Lord Neminath stand in meditational posture.

Hundreds-thousands of travelers come here daily from every corner of India and maintain partnership in the name of Bhairav even in their business. This is indicative of a unique faith towards Bhairavdev. A big fair is held here on Poush Krishna Dashami, which is the birthday of Lord Parshwanath.

Visitor Information

Nakoda Ji Location : Balotara Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station to Parshwanath Temple . The nearest airport is Jodhpur and is 110 kms away. Nakoda is well connected to Jodhpur by road.

Tourists can take the help of private conveyances such as auto-rickshaw, taxi, private cab to easily reach the destination.

Nakoda ji Timings : Tourists can visit the temple from dawn to dusk.

Shree Nakoda ji Jain Temple

Shree Nakoda ji Jain Temple

Photo Credit: Parakhashish (Wiki)

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