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Bikaner is a region of North West Rajasthan. It was established by Rao Bika in 1488 as the investment of princely condition of Bikaner and the banner of princely Bikaner was yellow-colored and red in shade. Now it’s region head office of Bikaner department. It is 4th biggest town of Rajasthan. The town is very popular for its candies and treats or we say Bikaneri namkeens. Bikaner is in the center of the Thar Wasteland and in summertime the heat range even surpasses 50 levels and in winter seasons it goes down to the cold factors. There is a very little rainfall drop as it drops in desert place.

Bikaner- The Camel Country

Bikaner has its own structural elegance. The mansions and WATS in this wasteland area keep your heart with their grand structure and the elegance. Junagarh Fort which was designed by Raja Rai Singh who organised a higher position in judge of Mughal emperor Akbar and his visiting created him an excellent known of structure which shows in Junagarh Ft. Laxmi Niwas building was a huge personal building of the master of former Bikaner condition, which is now a high-class resort possessed by fantastic triangular Ft and building personal restricted. Next is Lalgarh building which was requested by Rao Ganga Singh in storage of his dad Maharaja Lal Singh. Except these castles the wats of Moolnayakji, Laxminath, bhandasar, konayat, karni mata, shiv bari are the other destinations in Bikaner. Bikaner is also famous by the name of “Camel Country” as it has the biggest camel reproduction farms in Asia and is popularly known as Government Camel Breeding Farm.

Best Time to Visit Bikaner

The best time to visit Bikaner is from October to March as the weather become cheerful and delightful. Summers are not very much comfortable to visit Bikaner. January is the special month to visit Bikaner due to the camel fair.

Weather in Bikaner

Bikaner has a high temperature climate during summers i.e from march to august and temperature ranges from 28 °C to 40 °C.
Winters are visitors favourite time to enjoy different places in Bikaner and temperature falls down to 4 °C. Monsoons are quite humid.

Lall Garh Palace, Bikaner

Lall Garh Palace, Bikaner

Lall Garh Palace by S. N. Johnson-Roehr (JR)

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