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Bikaner Camel Festival

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Camel is called the ship of the desert and the camels is also a dear animal among people of Rajasthan. The camel festival is celebrated in many districts of Rajasthan in different ways. The people of Rajasthan not only buy and sell them but also celebrate with them with a difference.

The Bikaner Camel Festival is an event organized by the Department of Tourism, Art and Culture, of Bikaner, Government of Rajasthan. It takes place every year in the month of January. At this festival, the “ships of the desert” are seen in mass.

The Bikaner Camel Festival is one of the most colorful and lively festivals of the state, celebrated in the month of January. Devoted to the essential ship of the desert the Camel festival starts off with a wonderful parade of decorated camels.

And the camel festival also consists of a race of camels organized by the local people and this is taken as a hard competition and the camels are trained according to it.

The grace and appeal of the vividly garlanded camels leave the viewers fascinated. Further, this amazing two days festivals include various appealing activities like camel races, fur cutting design, the best breed contest, camel bands, camel acrobatics and a lot more.

A sight of remarkable camel activities like camel races and camel dances highly captivates the onlookers. You must attend this impressive festival. Camel dance performances also take place. Competitions take place for the best-decorated camel, fur cutting design, camel milking, and the best camel haircut.

The camels display splendid footwork and dance gracefully to the direction of their drivers.

Other Camel Festivals in Rajasthan

The Pushkar Fair is all about the camels, cows, sheep, and goats buying and selling which is done by the local people and they come from all the cities and towns of Rajasthan to grab customers. There is also a ritual of the fair is to drown into the Pushkar Lake.

The Nagaur Festival is held every year in the period between January-February in the quaint Rajput town of Nagaur.

The Nagaur festival is essentially a cattle fair and every year close to 75,000 camels, bullocks and horses are traded. In fact, the sheer volume of trading is astonishing to the first time visitors.

To add spice to the festivities, fun events like tug-of-war, camel and bullock races and cockfights along with enchanting folk music of Jodhpur add a surreal charm to the whole festival.

Upcoming Camel Festivals Dates

Bikaner Camel Festival : 11 January 2020 – 12 January 2020
Pushkar Camel Fair : 05 November 2019 – 12 November 2019
Nagaur Festival : 30 January 2020 – 02 February 2020

Camel Festival

Camel Festival

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