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Horse Safari in Rajasthan

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Camel and horse safaris are part of cultural life in Rajasthan. Safari is one of the popular safari among the tourists in Rajasthan. These are usually conducted on the hilly terrain, country side, magnificent forts, fascinating temples, picturesque locales, etc.

To feel the Rajasthan on the back of the horse gives the feeling of belonging to a different age, in a timeless and ancient land. Marwari horses of Rajasthan are known for their intelligence and loyalty.

To ride back on the Marwari horses is sure to be great experience to the tourists. Horse safaris are best for discovering natural beauty of the state. Udaipur, Ajmer and Samode are best regions to enjoy horse safaris in Rajasthan.

As far as horse safari is enjoyed in Rajasthan then Mandawa is the best place to do such an activity. You can view Fort Mandawa Castle is the main attraction of the city along with many frescoed havelis.

With a horse safari, you can explore in and around Mandawa town in the most useful and easier way.

Horse Safari in Rajasthan

Horse Safari in Rajasthan

Tourists Enjoying Horse Safari in Pushkar (Photo Credit : equus-journeys.com)

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