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Paragliding in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan is a colorful state as it does not mean that it is covered with desert sands so you cannot have the fun of water activities or any other sports. Indeed you can go for exclusive recreational sports like parasailing in Rajasthan. Paragliding is considered as one of the skilled adventures. Paragliding can be enjoyed by almost anyone but with a trained expertise. There are no assistances required prior to taking part of the activity but in any flying adventure, knowing how to fly on the parachutes proves to be most helpful.

Paragliding is that sport that is demanding to be tried out in Rajasthan, with its open, sandy countryside, it is considerably complex to organize and expensive to function. Paragliding and many other such other sports have their annual events held in Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Pushkar and attract a large number of tourists and adventure hunters. You can fly over the mountains and the hills of Mount Abu and the desert fields in this place.

Para Sailing in Rajasthan

Para Sailing in Rajasthan

Parasailing with Jeep in Rajasthan

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om saran Says

HELLO guys Paragliding Joy Ride and Powered Parachute Joy ride , Paragliding course and many more adventure sports now in Rajasthan .. come and enjoy

visit- http://www.rajasthanparagliding.com

Lakshit Says

I dont think paragliding has ever held in Rajasthan. It is para sailing being confused as paragliding.

kishore chouhan Says

When is paragliding held ???…
Can it be arranged on prior requests ?..
Please let me known as fast as possible