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Hot Air Balloon Ride in Rajasthan

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Rajasthan Tourism has come up with various fantasies for its tourists. Tourists can avail luxury living at the heritage hotels and they can also have enough fun out of their hotels also. A most exotic fun is a ride on Hot air Balloon. Hot Air Balloon Safari was founded in 2008 in Rajasthan, which includes the dazzling and sandy Thar Dessert. Since launching in the Pink City of Jaipur, well over 2000 passengers have experienced the spellbinding rush of India's unforgettable panorama from the comfort and luxury of a private balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Rajasthan

The Hot Air Balloon Tours in Rajasthan make the tourists enjoy the startling nature’s beauty from a great height. Different types of balloon tours have different types of packages that are available in different parts of the world.

Hot Air Balloon Ride of Rajasthan provides you with a tempting and memorable experience. Balloon tours are only undertaken when the weather is good with light wind, no rain or thunderstorms in the area.

Hot Air Balloon tours in Rajasthan don’t start-up in the air but from the hotel rooms. These balloons pick up from your hotel and taken to the tour site. They also offer light refreshments for the tourists as the crew prepares the balloon for take-off.

There are experienced pilots who are the guides on your balloon safari. From the hot air balloon you can enjoy nice look of forts, glides over lakes, and circles ancient palaces.

Hot Air Balloon Prices

Skywaltz Offers Hot Air Balloon Rides in Rajasthan at different places like Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur, Neemrana, and Ranthambore. At Pushkar, the hot balloon rides are generally conducted during the Pushkar Camel Fair which is held during the month of October.

Timings for Balloon Safari

Sep – Nov : 6:15 Am (Morning) && 4:00pm (Evening)
Dec- Mar: 6:45 Am (Morning) && 3:30pm (Evening)
April – June : 5:45 Am (Morning) && No Flights(Evening)

Prices for an hour-long balloon ride over Jaipur are :

  • 1-2 persons: 300 US$ per person for Foreign Nationals.
    Rs. 12,000 per person for Indian Nationals
  • 3-6 persons: 250 US$ per person for Foreign Nationals.
    Rs. 10,000 per person for Indian Nationals.
  • 7 or 7+ persons : 200 US$ per person for Foreign Nationals.
    Rs. 8,000 per person for Indian Nationals.

The above package includes-

  • Approximately 60 minutes of a balloon flight.
  • Pick-up from and drop to the hotel to be provided by the operator.
  • Witnessing the exhilarating sight of the balloons being inflated and prepared for the flight.
  • Tea/Coffee and Cookies served at the launch site.
  • A Certificate of First Flight signed by the pilot.

Places for Hot Air Balloon Ride in Rajasthan :

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Rajasthan

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Rajasthan

Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Amer Fort in Jaipur (Photo Credit : campture.com)

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Tina Says

What is the minimum age for the ride ??

Nils Wilhelm Rottmann Says


I want to book a hot air ballooning tour on 12th of November from Jodhpur. I need 4 Tickets (2 Germans and 2 Indians). Could you please offer accordingly?

Kindly contact me asap. Thanks a lot.



We planned trip to rajasthan for 6Nit / 7Nit ,Jaipur 1N,Jodhpur1N,Jaisalmar 2N,Bikanar1N,Jaipur 1N

We would like to ride Air balloon ride ..Kindly give me the cost for 10pax

Kindly contact me asap

With regards

safan salim Says

Hai ,im safan salim from kerala .Actually we are planning for an all india tour on september this year and we are visiting jaipur and we noticed about the hot air balloon in jaipur .so we are a batch of 35 students so we would like to experience this .so what are the prices for these much people ??