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Dungarpur - Land of Hills

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Dungarpur Tourism and Travel Guide

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Dungarpur is an historic city that is located in the Dungarpur District in the state of Rajasthan. Dungarpur is the chair of the older division of Sisodiyas of Udaipur, while the youthful division is the chair of the Maharana of Mewar. It was established in 1197 by Samant Singh, the oldest son of the leader of Mewar, Karan Singh. They are an infant of Bappa Rawal, the 8th leader of the Guhilot Empire and creator of the Mewar Empire.

This old city has many important and historical places to visit. Dungarpur is known for its never-ending fairs and festivals. Some of the well-known festivals are Vagad Festival, Banheshwar Fair, Bhedmata Fair, Amit Egyaras, Vithaldeo Fair and many others.

If anyone wants to experience the local culture and customs of the place, Dungarpur fairs and festivals are the best place. One of the major and famous festivals of Dungarpur is Purnima Garba that takes place in the city and many people come to enjoy from the nearby regions.

There are a few palaces and havelis in the Dungarpur like the Udai Bilas Palace, Old Palace or Juna Mahal and a few others. The Juna Mahal is somewhat different as it has a multi story building that is built in a unique style. However, it is in a ruining condition now.

Gap Sagar Lake, Beneshwar Dham, Srinathji Temple, Government Museum of Archeology, Rokadia Ganesh Temple and a few other places are some places that can be visit in and around the city.

Dungarpur – The City of Hills

Dungarpur area is rich in flora and fauna. It has teak, mahua, mango and Khajur trees which can be seen everywhere and are eyecatchers of many tourist photographers.

Dungarpur differential wildlife variety like a jackal, jungle cat, Indian fox, hyena, black-faced monkey, porcupine, common mongoose which are the common inhabitants for Dungarpur but makes a tourist feel adventurous.

Among the birds, Durgapur has partridges, peafowl, quails, cuckoos, eagles and vultures other than migratory winter birds.

Best Time to Visit Dungarpur

The best time to enjoy a Dungarpur trip is in the months of October and November as summers are too hot and winters are too cool at night. Monsoons are preety humid here.

Weather in Dungarpur

  • In summers, Dungarpur temperature ranges between 25°C to 42°C and has a dry and hot climate.
  • Monsoons are humid and temperature downs to 30°C.
  • Winters are cool here and day temperature is upto 22°C and at night 0°C can be expected.

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