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Things to do in Dungarpur

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Dungarpur is a small city located in the state of Rajasthan and mostly people visit here to enjoy the temples and the city is known as the ‘ City of Hills’ The city is nestled in the foothills of the Aravalli Ranges and is having a beautiful backdrop. Dungarpur is nestled in the confluence of the two flowings rivers of Som and Mahi and people can have many Dungarpur activities that they can do in their tour which can be a nice combination of Palace visits, temple visits and staying the beautiful heritage hotels which can allow them to experience the rich Rajasthani hospitality and they will love to have the memories for lifetime.

Top Things to do in Dungarpur

Take a Trip to the Palaces

Dungarpur palaces are one of the beautiful architectures of Rajasthan and no one can miss the view of the Udai Vilas palace, Badal Mahal are the most famous ones and no one can deny their magnificence.

Udai Vilas has been converted in to a heritage hotel and many international tourists come here to see and experience the beauty and hospitality and there is another architectural beauty named as the Juna Mahal which is known as the epitome of Dungarpur royal heritage and never forgets to go for this place and include them in their Dungarpur activities.

A Detailed Visit to the Various Temples

Dungarpur is a nice place to have a look at the various temples and there are some famous temples that can be visited while you come to this city.

Some of the famous temples are Deo Somnath Temple which is one of the famous temples in the city dedicated to Lord Shiva, followed by Baneshwar Temple, Bhuvaneshwar Temple, Surpur Temple, Shri Nath Ji Temple, Nagfanji Temple, Boreshwar temple, Kshetrapal Temple and many others which are the prominent places for the tourists who are here for their religious trips.

Apart from visiting the palaces, this is one of the best things to do in Dungarpur.

Spending a Serene Evening Nearby the Gaibsagar Lake

Gaib Sagar Lake is one of the primary attractions of Dungarpur and people who visit here never miss to include in their Dungarpur activities.

The lake is truly beautiful and most of the palaces of the city are built on its banks and eventually, you can see some beautiful reflections falling on them.

The lake is apt for the lovers who want to spend some nice moments near the lake and there are good opportunities of boating that can be enjoyed by the tourists and this is one of the common things to do in Dungarpur who so ever visit this place and one can enjoy the beautiful backdrop of this place too.

Going for a Short Shopping in Dungarpur

It is a fact that there is a very little area for shopping in Dungarpur but you can still fill up your bags with some nice souvenirs which will be enough to remind you of this city.

And in the markets of Dungarpur is mostly famous for its lacquer toys and the artifacts that are related to picture framing, and the lacquer toys are found in many forms in the local markets.

These lacquer toys are seen in many shapes such as human figures and animal shapes and besides that, the normal articles of Rajasthan such as bangles, craftworks, and marble works are easily seen in the local markets.

Deo Somnath temple

Deo Somnath temple

Deo Somnath temple by Paulus Veltman

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