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Excursions From Khimsar

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Nagaur is just 44 kms from Khimsar and is famous for its heritage sites.

Hadi Rani MahalHadi Rani Mahal is one of the superb piece of architechture of Rajasthan. The walls and ceilings of this palace are adorned with antique carvings and scriptures.

Jain Temple in GlassJain Glass Temple of Nagaur is situated behind the Kamla Tower. This whole temple is made of glass, and it is a unique shrine among all the Jain temples. Tourists can see the attractive glass works inside the temple which represent the ancient art in the form of the Jain scriptures.

Nagaur FortNagaur Fort is a prime tourist attraction located in the Nagaur city. It is a beautiful sandy fortress built in the 2nd century. This is the best flat land fort of Rajasthan and is famous for its high walls and huge campus. The Nagavansh has constructed this fort and later on, it was renovated by Mohammed Baalim. The fort has three main entrances; the first entrance was made of iron and wood spikes to guard against elephant charges and enemy attacks. The second entrance is ‘Beech Ka Pol’ and the last entrance is ‘Kacheri Pol’. Tourists can see many palaces, fountains, temples, and beautiful gardens inside the fort.

Deepak Mahal– Deepak Mahal is a beautiful palace located in Nagaur and is a place of tourist attraction. The walls of this palace are decorated with unique floral designs.

Rani Mahal– Rani Mahal, one of the superb pieces of architecture of Rajasthan was the living place of the Queens and was adorned beautifully. Tourists can see grand royal swimming pools inside the palace.

Saiji ka Tanka– Saiji ka Tanka, another tourist place of Nagaur is also known for the Samadhi of the saint, Shri Saiji Maharaj.This place is visited by large numbers of devotees who come to offer their prayers to the saint.


Khichan is just 122 kms from Khimsar and is famous for bird sanctuary.

Khichan Bird SanctuaryKhichan Bird Sanctuary is located at a distace of 171 kms from Jaisalmer city in the village of Khichan. This natural sanctuary serves as home to three types of birds called Kurjan, Karkara and Kunch that migrate from South West Europe, Black Sea region, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, North and South Africa and Mongolia.


Deshnok is just 126 kms from Khimsar and is famous for Rat temple.

Karni Mata MandirKarni Mata Temple, also known as the Rat Temple is the main tourist attraction of Deshnok. The Goddess Karni Mata is the presiding deity of the temple, who is widely accepted as an incarnation of the Hindu deity Durga. This temple was constructed by King Ganga Singh in the 20th century.


Ladnun is about 135 kms away from Khimsar and is a place of national heritage.

Jain Vishva Bharati University– Jain Vishva Bharati University, a renowned academic organization was established in the year 1970 in Ladnun. It was formerly known as the Jain Vishva Bharati Institute. This center of learning was founded by Acharya Tulsi, head of the Jain Terapanth. The huge campus and its spirituality based education system attract the attention of tourists.

Digambar Jain Bara Temple- Digambar Jain Bara Temple, a renowned tourist attraction of Ladnun was constructed on Ashad Sukla 8, in the year 1136. This temple is famous for beautiful idols of Jain Tirthankaras, engraved pillars, a rare collection of art and ancient Jain manuscripts. This ancient temple has two vertical chambers where visitors can see the idols of the second Tirthankara, Ajitnathji and sixteenth Tirthankara, Santinathji.

Umarshahpir Dargah– Umarshahpir Dargah is the most ancient dargah located in the city of Ladnun. Tourists can see here inscriptions dating back to the Islamic year Hijri 772.

Chhapar Sanctuary– The Chhapar Sanctuary is located at a distance of 25 km from Ladnun. This sanctuary is famous for being home to the most elegant antelopes of India, ‘Blackbucks’. There are some seasonal ponds which serve as the water sources for the animals. Bird lovers can see migratory birds like demoiselle cranes in the month of March which come from Eurasia. In addition to blackbucks, travelers can also see here desert foxes, desert cats, partridges and sand grouse around the year. This sanctuary is famous for a special type of grass called ‘Mothiya’ in the local language. The word ‘Mothiya’ is derived from the word ‘Moti’ meaning pearl. The seeds of the grass look like pearls and have a sweet taste. Tourists can enjoy eating these seeds which also serve as food for the blackbucks and birds.

Nagaur Camel and Cattle Fair

Nagaur Camel and Cattle Fair

Nagaur Fair by Nick Leonard

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