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Rajasthan National Highways

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Rajasthan has 20 national highways that pass through the state and with a total stretch of over 6373 kms. The NH-8 is the most famous national highway in the state which joins Ajmer-Jaipur-Udaipur-Chittorgarh and also the oldest one in the country with 4-8 lanes. NH-8 length is around 688 kms in the Rajasthan state.

Other national highways in the state are as follows: NH 11, NH 3, NH 11B, NH 11A, NH 14, NH 12, NH 65, NH 15, NH 79, NH 76, NH 89, NH 79A, NH 112, NH 90, NH 113, NH 116, and NH 114.

national highway in rajasthan

Rajasthan National Highways Details

Given below are the national highways in Rajasthan which either in Rajasthan state or passes through it.

Number wise National Highways (Rajasthan)
National Highway No. Rajasthan National Highway Route State through which passing Length passing through State (km) Total Length of NH (km
NH-3 Agra-Gwalior-Shivpuri-Indore-Dhule-Nasik-Thane-Mumbai Uttar Pradesh 26 1161
Rajasthan 32
Madhya Pradesh 712
Maharashtra 391
NH-3A The highway starting from its junction with NH-23 at Dholpur, Sepau in the State of Rajasthan connecting Sarendhi in the State of Uttar Pradesh connecting Ghatoli, Rupbas, Khanuawa (Khanua),and terminating at Uncha Nagla in the State of Rajasthan. Rajasthan 66 80
Uttar Pradesh 14
NH-8 Delhi-Jaipur-Ajmer-Udaipur-Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Mumbai Delhi 13 1375
Haryana 101
Rajasthan 635
Gujarat 498
Maharashtra 128
NH-11 Agra-Jaipur-Bikaner Uttar Pradesh 51 582
Rajasthan 531
NH-11A Manoharpur-Dausa-Lalsot-Kothum Rajasthan 145 145
NH-11B Junction with NH-11A near Lalsot connecting Karauli and terminating at its junction with NH 3 near Dhaulpur Rajasthan 180 180
NH-11C Old alignment of NH no. 8 passing through Jaipur from km 220 to 273.50 Rajasthan 53 53
NH-12 Jabalpur-Bhopal-Khilchipur-Aklera-Jhalawar-Kota-Bundi-Devli-Tonk-Jaipur Madhya Pradesh 486 886
Rajasthan 400
NH-14 Beawar-Sirohi-Radhanpur Rajasthan 310 450
Gujarat 140
NH-15 Pathankot-Amritsar-Bhatinda-Ganganagar-Bikaner-Jaisalmer-Barmer-Samakhiali Punjab 350 1526
Rajasthan 906
Gujarat 270
NH-65 Ambala-Kaithal-Hissar-Fatehpur-Jodhpur-Pali Haryana 240 690
Rajasthan 450
NH-65A The highway starting from its junction with NH-58 at Ladnu connecting Khaatu, Degana, Merta City, Lambia, Jaitran, Raipur and terminating at Bheem on NH-58 in the State of Rajasthan Rajasthan 224 224
NH-71B The highway starting from the junction of NH- 71 near Rewari in the state of Haryana and connecting Dharuhera and passing through Rajasthan and connecting Taoru -Sohna and terminating at its junction with NH 2 near Palwal Haryana 69 74
Rajasthan 5
NH-76 Pindwara-Udaipur-Mangarwar-Kota-Shivpuri-Jhansi-Banda-Allahabad-junction with NH-7 near Mirzapur Rajasthan 480 1127
Madhya Pradesh 60
Uttar Pradesh 587
NH-76A The highway starting from Udaipur connecting Kumdal Naya Kheda, Jhadol, Som, Nalwa Daiya in the State of Rajasthan and terminating at Idar in the State of Gujarat . Gujarat 36 108
Rajasthan 72
NH-76B The highway starting from its junction with NH-58 at Rajsamand connecting Gangapur, Bhilwara and terminating at junction with NH-27 at Ladpura in the State of Rajasthan Rajasthan 160 160
NH-79 Ajmer-Nasirabad-MP border Rajasthan 220 220
NH-79A Kishangarh(NH-8) – Nasirabad (NH-79) Rajasthan 35 35
NH-89 Ajmer-Bikaner Rajasthan 300 300
NH-90 Baran – Aklera Rajasthan 100 100
NH-112 Junction with NH-14 near Bar connecting Jaitaran – Jodhpur– Kalyanpur – Balotra – Kher – Madhasar – Kawas and terminating at its junction with NH 15 near Barmer Rajasthan 343 343
NH-113 Junction of NH- 79 near Nimahera and connecting Pratapgarh – Banswara – Jhalod – Limbi and terminating at its junction with NH 59 near Dahod Gujarat 40 240
Rajasthan 200
NH-114 Junction with NH-65 near Jodhpur connecting Balesar – Dechhu and terminating at its junction with NH-15 near Pokaran Rajasthan 180 180
NH-116 Junction with NH-12 near Tonk connecting Uniara and terminating at Swaimadhopur Rajasthan 80 80
NH-116A The highway starting from its junction with NH-58 at Bheem and connecting Parasoli, Gulabpura on N.H-48 Shahpura, Jahajpur, Shahpura, Hindoli, Nainwa and terminating at Uniara on NH-552 in the State of Rajasthan Rajasthan 266 266
NH-158 Merta on N.H 89 – Lambia – Ras – Bewar – Badnor – Asind – mandal (N.H-79) Rajasthan 174 174
NH-162 Ext. Pali (N.H-14) – Marwad – Nadol – Desuri – Kumbalgarh – Haldighati – Nathdwara – Mavli – Bhatevar. Rajasthan 250 250
NH-709 Ext. Rohtak – Bhiwani – Lohani – Loharu – Pilani – Rajgarh Road terminating on N.H – 65. Haryana 115 175
Rajasthan 60
NH-927A Ratlam – Banswara – Sagwara – Doongarpur – Kherwara – Kotra – Sawarupganj (N.H-14) Madhya Pradesh 37 310
Rajasthan 273

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gurg Says

When Nasirabad to Deoli State Highway will be converted to National Highway, so that Ajmer Kota becomes National Highway?

Sagar Says

Data uploaded here is incorrect and outdated. Please upload new data after march 2019 name and number of NH are changed.

Nikita sharma Says

This list of national highways of rajasthan is incomplete.

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the total national highways are 47 then the list is only of 29 national highways then where are remaining one

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Which highway is connected from Delhi to Jaipur?

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