Rajasthan Travel Guide

Trains in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is an important state of the country by all means and Indian rail is making every efforts in its socio-economic development . Trains in Rajasthan connects its major cities like Jaipur, Kota, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Alwar, Udaipur and many more to other parts of India.

Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Garib Rath,Duranto and other express as well as passenger trains are runs to or from Rajasthan cities. There are some special trains as well which runs at the time of heavy rush like holidays, festivals like Urs, Holi etc. Luxury and royals trains like Palace on Wheels, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, The Indian Maharaja, Deccan Odyssey and many more trains are running to provide an experience of luxury with royalty to visitors.

Rajasthan Luxury Tourist Trains

For providing a luxury travel experience with Rajasthan sightseeing, Rajasthan also has some world renowned luxurious tourist trains. Some of these trains even covers some destinations from outside Rajasthan.

Fairy Queen

Maharaja Express

Palace on Wheels

Royal Rajasthan on Wheels

Rajasthan Trains Details

Given below are some important trains of Rajasthan which runs either in Rajasthan state or passes through it.

Trains in Rajasthan
Train Name Starting/Ending Stations Train Route
Agra-Jaipur Shatabdi Agra Fort – Jaipur Agra Fort (Af)-Bharatpur Jn(BTE)-Jaipur(JP)
Aii-Jat Express Ajmer Jn(AII)-Jammu Tawi(JAT) Ajmer Jn(AII)-Jaipur(JP)-Delhi(DLI)-Ambala Cantt Jn(UMB)-Ludhana Jn(LDH)-Jammu Tawi(JAT)
Aravali Express Jaipur Jn(JP)-Mumbai Bandra Terminus(BDTS) Jaipur Jn(JP)-Ajmer Jn(AII)-Marwar Jn(MJ)-Abu Road(ABR)-Ahmedabad Jn(ADI)-Vadodara Jn(BRC)-Surat(ST)-Mumbai Bandra Terminus(BDTS)
Asr Jaipur Express Amritsar Jn(ASR)-Ajmer Jn(AII) Amritsar Jn(ASR)-Jalandhar City(JUC)- Ludhiana Junction(LDH)-Firozpur Cant(FZR)- Bhatinda Junction(BTI)-Alwar(AWR)-Jaipur(JP)-Ajmer Junction(AII)
BCT JP Express Mumbai Central(BCT)-Jaipur(JP) Mumbai Central(BCT)- Surat (ST)-Vadodara Junction (BRC)-Ratlam Junction (RTM)-Kota Junction (KOTA)-Sawai Madhopur (SWM)-Jaipur(JP)
CBE Jaipur Express Coimbatore Junction(CBE)-Jaipur (JP) Coimbatore Junction(CBE)- Salem Junction (SA)- Chennai Central (MAS)- Vijayawada Junction (BZA)-Balharshah (BPQ)- Nagpur (NGP)-Bhopal Junction (BPL)-Ujjain Junction (UJN)-Nagda Junction (NAD)- Kota Junction (KOTA)-Sawai Madhopur (SWM)-Jaipur (JP)
Dayodaya Express Jaipur (JP)-Jabalpur (JBP) Jaipur (JP)-Sawai Madhopur (SWM)-Kota Junction (KOTA)-Ruthiyai (RTA)-Bina Junction (BINA)-Katni (KTE)-Jabalpur (JBP)
Adi Udz Express Ahmedabad Junction (ADI)-Udaipur City (UDZ) Ahmedabad Junction (ADI)-Himmatnagar (HMT)-Udaipur City (UDZ)
Ananya Express Udaipur City (UDZ)-Sealdah (SDAH) Udaipur City (UDZ)-Chittaurgarh (COR)-Ajmer Junction (AII)-Jaipur (JP)-Agra Fort (AF)-Allahabad Junction (ALD)-Mughal Sarai Junction (MGS)-Patna Junction (PNBE)-Asansol Junction (ASN)-Sealdah (SDAH)
Chetak Express Udaipur City (UDZ)-Delhi S Rohilla (DEE) Udaipur City (UDZ)-Chittaurgarh (COR)- Ajmer Junction (AII)-Nim Ka Thana (NMK)-Delhi S Rohilla (DEE)
Aii Hw Express Ajmer Junction (AII)-Haridwar Junction (HW) Ajmer Junction (AII)-Jaipur (JP)-Delhi (DLI)-Haridwar Junction (HW)
Aii Durg Express Ajmer Junction (AII)-Durg (DURG) Ajmer Junction (AII)-Jaipur (JP)-Kota Junction (KOTA)-Katni Murwara (KMZ)-Anuppur Junction (APR)-Bilaspur Junction (BSP)-Durg (DURG)
Aii Hyb Express Ajmer Junction (AII)-Hyderabad Decan (HYB) Ajmer Junction (AII)-Bhilwara (BHL)-Chittaurgarh (COR)- Ratlam Junction (RTM)- Bhopal Junction (BPL)-Bhusaval Junction (BSL)-Manmad Junction (MMR)-Nizamabad (NZB)-Secunderabad Junction (SC)-Hyderabad Decan (HYB)
Aii Mys Express Ajmer Junction (AII)-Mysore Junction (MYS) Ajmer Junction (AII)- Abu Road (ABR)-Ahmedabad Junction (ADI)-Vadodara Junction (BRC)-Surat (ST)-Kalyan Junction (KYN)- Pune Junction (PUNE)-Belgaum (BGM)-Hubli Junction (UBL)-Harihar (HRR)-Yesvantpur Junction (YPR)-Bangalore Cy Junction (SBC)-Mysore Junction (MYS)
Hwh Jsm Express Howrah Junction (HWH)-Jaisalmer (JSM) Howrah Junction (HWH)-Dhanbad Junction (DHN)-Varanasi Junction (BSB)-Lucknow Nr (LKO)-Moradabad (MB)-Delhi (DLI)-Churu (CUR)-Bikaner Junction (BKN)-Jaisalmer (JSM)
Jsm Dli Express Jaisalmer (JSM)-Delhi (DLI) Jaisalmer (JSM)-Pokran (POK)-Jodhpur Junction (JU)-Jaipur (JP)-Rewari (RE)-Delhi (DLI)
Malani Exp Barmer (BME)-Delhi (DLI) Barmer (BME)- Samdhari Junction (SMR)-Jodhpur Junction (JU)-Merta Road Junction (MTD)-Jaipur (JP)-Rewari (RE)- Delhi (DLI)
Jaipur Express Indore Junction Bg (INDB)-Jaipur (JP) Indore Junction Bg (INDB)-Ujjain Junction (UJN)-Kota Junction (KOTA)-Sawai Madhopur (SWM)-Jaipur (JP)
Mandor Express Jodhpur Junction (JU)-Delhi (DLI) Jodhpur Junction (JU)-Jaipur (JP)- Pataudi Road (PTRD)-Delhi (DLI)
Ala Hazrat Express Bhuj (BHUJ)-Bareilly (BE) Bhuj (BHUJ)-Gandhidham Bg (GIMB)-Ahmedabad Junction (ADI)- Abu Road (ABR)-Ajmer Junction (AII)-Jaipur (JP)-Rewari (RE)-Delhi (DLI)- Moradabad (MB)-Bareilly (BE)
Ashram Express Delhi (DLI)- Ahmedabad Junction (ADI) Delhi (DLI)- Jaipur (JP)-Ajmer Junction (AII)- Abu Road (ABR)- Ahmedabad Junction (ADI)