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Drum Dance

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Drum Dance, famous in Rajasthan India is a professional dance-form of Jhalore region of Rajasthan, where only the men participants can perform. In this dance, five men beat huge drums that are tied around their necks. A dancer holding a huge cymbals in their hands, also accompany the drummers. Some other member holds naked sword in their mouth to provide an additional effect to the performance. The dancer is given a sword, which he puts in his mouth and three other naked swords are given to juggle with his hands while avoiding causing an injury to himself. Drum Dance is a very attractive dance of rajasthan, the men musicians can play big drums and brass plates or Thalis. Women and others can dance in group.

Drum Dance Elements

As the name signifies drum dance is performed on the beats of drums or dhol. This Rajasthani folk dance has a specialty that the dancer holds a naked sword on her mouth and juggle with other three while avoiding herself from injury. Huge wooden drums or dhols are used for the purpose. To make the background music more pleasant cymbals are used.

The famous drum dance is followed by a enchanting background music. During the performance of the drum dance the Rajasthani folk music play with drum, dhol, nagada, and dholak. The Dhol and drum are the same things. A big wooden drum can be played loudly and women dance on the rhythm of the drum or dhol. The attractive drum dance become exciting when the tempo of the background music increases. The dancers quicken their movements and there dance steps. The men plays the huge drums with a pair of painted sticks. The lady dancer holds a naked sword in her mouth during Rajasthani drum dance. The dancers are dressed traditionally in colorful Rajasthani dresses during the dance. The colorful attractive dresses of the dancers adds to the beauty of the drum dance.

Drum Dance Celebration

There is no boundation for the performance of drum dance but it is generally performed in big occasions like festivals, marriage etc.

Drum Dance of Rajasthan

Drum Dance of Rajasthan

Men Performing Drum Dance in Rajasthan

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