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Kathak Dance

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Kathak Dance is famous and brilliant dance form in Rajasthan India. It is the 6th most popular dance of India and Jaipur gharana of Rajasthan is one of the well known Gharanas of India. Jaipur gharana developed a unique style and pure Kathak dance.

Kathak Dance Dancers dress traditional colourful dresses during Dance. The background classical music play with tabla, sarangi, and sitar etc. Kathak Dance is a very attractive dance of rajasthan.

Kathak Evolution

Kathak name is derived from the word Katha which means ‘story’. So Kathak is basically an art of story telling with the help of beautiful body movements. The story of Kathak begins in ancient times with the performances of professional story-tellers called kathakas who recited or sang stories from epics and mythology with some elements of dance.Kathak was initially performed in the temples in praise of Lord and also has the influence of Bhakti movement. After some time this art move from devotion to entertainment.Kathak Dance theme comes from our daily life like carrying water in a pot from well or walking gracefully. The themes of historical mythological characters find a prominent place in the Kathak dancer’s repertoire.

Kathak Dance Elements

Kathak dance has two main techniques. They are Nrittya which means pure dance and Abhinaya mean expressions. In Nrittya technique, there is a composition and dancer pays more emphasis on foot movements. In Abhinaya type of Kathak, dancer gave more emphasis on the feeling by showing expressions.

Kathak Dance Occasion

The Kathak Dance can be perform in the time of any big celebration or any cultural programme night in rajasthan India.



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