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Walar Dance

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Walar dance of Rajasthan is a beautiful and enthusiastic tribal dance performed particularly by women’s. Walar is an important dance of a Rajasthani tribeGarasia. Known to be a prototype of famous Ghoomar dance of Rajasthan, it also involve simple circular movements of dancers on beats.

Walar Dance and People

Walar dance is a characteristic dance of ‘Garasia’ tribe of Rajasthan. Garasia tribe is mainly inhabit in the Pindwara tehsil of Sirohi district, Abu road and neighboring areas of Kotra, Gogunda and Khewara tehsils of Udaipur district, Bali and Desuri of Pali district. Garasia tribe along with its Walar dance, also has a beautiful folklore which includes folktales, proverbs, riddles and folk music.

Walar Dance Celebration

About walar dance, it is believed that its sophisticated version was performed in royal places of Rajasthan. Gangaur and Teej festivals are the best occasions to watch Walar dance. It is generally accompanied by the beats of the mandal, chang and a variety of other musical instruments which provide a lively rhythm to their dance sequences.

walar dance

walar dance

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