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The Royal Cuisines from the Land of the Royals

Rajasthan is having Royals in its name as (Raja+Sthan) means the “Place of the Kings or the Royals”, and this royalty can be felt everywhere in the state. The reflection of the royalty can be seen not only in its forts and palaces, and its rich culture but in its foods too. The state has a myriad assortment of food that vary from vegetarian to Non- Vegetarian dishes, to sweets to other appetizing side dishes including pickles, chutneys, raitas and many others. Rajasthan is not just a state that can be explored for its architecture trips, but the food trips of Rajasthan will be equally enthralling and worth remembering.

The people who are food lovers should visit this state at least once in their lifetime to taste some of the best preparations that are simply made out of ‘Besan’ or gram flour and the sweets are made of pure Ghee or clarified butter, producing divine taste. No matter what kind of taste buds you have for veg or non-vegor having a major sweet tooth, then you must try the best recipes of Rajasthan.

There are various lip-smacking recipes and mouth-watering foods of the state but these are some of them which are the soul of Rajasthani Cuisine.

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churmais the staple and considered as the best foods of Rajasthani cuisine. Your meal will be incomplete if you do not try these three items. Batiis baked balls made of wheat flour and gram flour with delicious stuffing in it.  And these batis are served dipped with pure ghee and presented with Dal which is a preparation of mix of five dals with a tangy and spicy flavour. Both the things are combined together and eaten with ghee dropping on it. The item is also eaten by crushing Churma on it which is the same as Bati but it is made powdered sugar and ghee and it is eaten after having Dal Bati also. There are many people who love to have these three together to experience a tangy, salty and sweet taste on one platter.

Laal Maas

This recipe comes directly from the Royal Kitchens of Rajasthan where the Rajas and the Maharajas used to have on their menu every day. Lal Maas means “Meat in Red Colour” and this is one of the unique recipes of India prepared with mutton and red chilli paste to give it an authentic strong red colour. This recipe exclusively belongs to the Rajasthan and to the royal bawarchis (cooks) who prepare this red hot spicy menu with pure desi ghee and with other aromatic spices. The recipe is saucy and tastes very hot due to its usage of Mathania chillies. And this preparation was the favourite of the Royals because they cooked it with wild animals such as deer or boar which was cooked with the chillies to give it a gamy flavour. Because when the Royalswent to the hunting game they used to have these game animals and cook them as it was amongst their royalties.

Mohan Maas

This is another royal dish of Rajasthan which is called as the “Meal of the Kings or the Royals”. This is a very delicate recipe for meat that is cooked in milk and aromatic spices.  It is really a dish cooked in the palace kitchens and the dish is stuffed with dry fruits and the creamy gravy will leave you speechless. Mohan Maas gives a strong aroma of the cardamom and cinnamon, will leave you lost in beautiful and aromatic Indian flavours. This is a distinct preparation of meat which includes khoya, Kesar and poppy seeds for its gravy, and can be combined with any kind of Indian bread.

Ker Sangri

Ker Sangri is another local dish of Rajasthan which has its own aroma and significance in the Rajasthani cuisines. It is a pickle that is combined with bajre ki roti and can be taken with a side dish of nay main course meal. It is an important part of Rajasthani Thali and delivers a tangy taste that adds more flavours to a simple dish also.Ker is actually a shrub berry and Sangri, a kind of a bean of a flowering tree named Khejari, and both of them are cooked together to make this dish. The dish can be eaten even with bajre ki roti as it can be had with any kind of bread. Rajasthani cuisines include these kinds of recipes that go well with the climate and they can be easily prepared in ver hot or moderate climate.

Gatte ki Sabzi

This is another a typical Rajasthani cuisine or a curry made from a dough of Besan or gram flour and the recipe is extremely tasty and can be had with rice or Indian bread. This is a unique preparation that is cooked with gram flour dough and with other mixed spices, where small balls are made out of gram flour by boiling them away in a tangy and spicy gravy.  And it is one of the favorites of the local people and one will love it once they visit the state.

Panchmel Sabzi

Panchmel Sabzi is a combination of five ingredients and the taste of this curry is really divine. The curry is a mix of five seasonal vegetables and cooked with aromatic spices and especially added with dried mango powder which delivers a tangy taste and the person will be left with a tangy and spicy burst of flavors in themouth.

Pyaaz Ki Kachori

This is one of the prominent snacks of Rajasthan had in breakfasts of the state and no one can miss the chance of having it, as it has a burst of flavors and can be had in any restaurant or local dhaba. These are deep-fried pooris stuffed with onion and spices enjoyed with raita and tamarind chutney.


This is a popular and a prominent sweet dish of Rajasthan using desi ghee, malai, sugar and made especially during the festival of Teej.  The sweet is immensely tasteful and made in different variants such askesariyaghevar, mava ghevar, malai ghevar and plain ghevar.

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