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Department of Forest, Rajasthan

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The Department of Forest, Rajasthan is responsible for the maintainance of forests and wildlife in the state. The department mainly aims at the protection of forests, development of forests works, wildlife management, soil and moisture conservation, forest planning, harvesting , ecotourism activities, research extension and training.Rajasthan forest department implements 3 majors acts-

  • Rajasthan forests Act 1953
  • Indian Wildlife (protection) Act 1972
  • Forest(conservation) Act 1980

The Forest Department of Rajasthan is comprised of the following personnels- Indian Forest Service (IFS), Rajasthan Forest Service(RFS), Gazetted Posts from other departments on deputation basis, Subordinate services , Ministerial and other supporting staff and Work charge employees.

Strength of Rajasthan Forest Department

Units Strength
Circle 20
Division 70
Range 433
Beat 1375

The Forest Department is responsible for the management of forests and wildlife in Rajasthan.The extent of Natural Forests in Rajasthan is not only one of the lowest in the country but also in terms of productivity of forest, it is the lowest. On the contrary The State is endowed with the largest chunk of wasteland which is about 20% of the total wastelands of the country.

Keeping in view the National Forest Policy and the State Strategy on forests in order to achieve the desired forest cover, the state has twin objectives of conserving the forest areas through effective forest protection and simultaneously embark upon an ambitious afforestation Programme with a conscious approach in adopting clear Development Strategies. 

Contact :
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, (HOFF),
Van Bhawan, Vaniki Path Jaipur-302005,
Phone No : 91-141-2227391
Email Id : pccf.raj.forest@rajasthan.gov.in
Website : www.forest.rajasthan.gov.in

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Prof. N. K. Lohiya Says

Serious health issues noticed in the form of infections in the hands of langur monkeys in & around Galta , Jaipur. This may spread in several other animals or human. Kindly get it examined & do the needful. Regards. Lohiya

Randhir Says

Sir m SARDARSHAHAR dist. Churu ke ward 26 m rehta hu hamare mauhalle me 2 neem ke ped jo 60-70saal purane the un dono pedo ko pados ke logo ne katwa diye

Dr Manish Agrawal Says

Myself, Dr Manish Agrawal, an orthoapedic surgeon and a passionate cyclist. I am also one of the admins of Udaipur Cycling Club.

Few days back, I went to Sajjangarh biological park with my son. We went there on our cycles on a Sunday. I had an idea that cycles, being eco-friendly are allowed inside the park and I believe a better way to see the park as compared to battery operated Golf carts. There were rented bicycles available there in the past as well.

To our surprise, we were asked to park our cycles outside and were told that cycles are no longer allowed inside. We returned disappointed.

I believe, cycles do not cause any harm to environment or the animals and should be encouraged inside. Yes you can make some strict rules for the cyclists like wearing a helmet compulsorily, riding in cycling lanes only and following drafting rules etc.

Kindly consider the decision.


Dr Manish Agrawal
Udaipur Cycling Club
M- 9875055030

prakash agarwal Says

please sir clarifiacation regarding petrolpump purpose noc in wildlife area mount abu which km allowed

Ramesh Chander Says

Sir, I have five acre land, want to grow timber and medicine plants. Pl advice.
Regards Ramesh Chander

Devendra singh deora debari Says

Hello sir
Villagers of debari udaipur are in big problem oc monkeys
Monkeys are approx 100 to 200 and destroys the crop all around
And sometimes they attack ladies and children
People afraid by them
Please help us by caught them

Devi sahai meena Says

Kind attn :- PCCoF .
Sir, Since last 2-3 months a Panther is seen in agri-fields of Village Panchayat Chhapradi ( in Jaitpur-khichi and Chhapradi villages ) and has been a permanent danger for live stock and the human beings / citizens / farmers of the area . Carrot sowing is at its peak and farmers loss of life while watering the fields in the night hours . Amer area forest guard –Rajendra (8740077090) and Mr. Kalu (9549872764) have , in the last 15 days , been apprised of the movement of the panther with its hair and the foot prints .
But , nothing more than assurances seen done in this regard . Even Ranger Forest Amer /Kookas area has not paid his visit till date , to take stock of the Panther movement and assess fear in the minds of the people/farmers of that area .
Hope , your honour will intervene and ask the concerned to rush to the site .
With regards !..
Devi Sahai Meena ,
Village–Chhapradi , Tehsil–Amer (Jaipur)- Rajasthan.
01426-283088 , 283074.

Noreen Jennison Says

Like many people in the UK I have been following the story of the little elephant Suman and her mother Chanda and father Bijli. As you must know all are brutally treated and horrifically Suman as only known cruelty all her life. The UK press, both the newspapers, magazines and TV have been showing videos of little Suman distressed and isolated and it has used and horrified people here.

I know that the amazing elephant rescuers Wildlife SOS are campaigning to free Suman, Chandra and Bijli. They are offering a sanctuary where they can live the rest of their lives free from cruelty and in peace.

Please, please find it in your hearts to help Wildlife SOS help the elephants. I believe they are being kept illegally as well as in cruelty.

Please help. The publicity that would come from this rescue can only do the utmost to show India as a compassionate and caring country.

Thank you

louis gauci Says

Suman is a six-year-old elephant living in shackles, hidden away from authorities underground, isolated from her mother. Suman has already been through so much; she was born into an abusive circus, then sold to a notoriously cruel owner in the notoriously cruel city of Jaipur. Today she is being forced to live in a dark basement, isolated from her family, hidden away from anyone who could help. If her owner decides to employ her as a riding-elephant, men will beat her and break her spirit to make her “tame enough for work.” And she will work long, hard hours until the day she drops.

Baby elephants like Suman should never have to live like this! We rescued Suman’s sister Peanut from the same circus that abused Suman several years ago, when Peanut was about the same age Suman is now. Today Peanut has a beautiful life, roaming green spaces with other elephants, full of energy and spirit. Suman deserves this life too, as do her mother and father. All together, one family, at our sanctuary. That is our goal.

Suman’s mother, Chanda, has been bred to the point of exhaustion — only to watch her babies repeatedly wrenched away and sold into horrible lives. Chanda is being forced to give tourist rides through the scorching heat in Jaipur, heavy loads weighing down her spine. Suman’s father, Bijli, was also sold into a thankless life of labor in Jaipur.

We cannot allow this. We cannot stand by and watch Suman’s little spirit break through cruelty and neglect. We cannot allow her future to be five decades of abuse and neglect in Jaipur, instead of five decades of love with her family at Wildlife
SOS rescue center.

Gokul Says

Dear sir
M Rajasthan ke Sikar district se hu Mera velleag khiroti h tehshel shrimadhopur h mere me vanvibhag me roj JCB chalti h rat ko or spoke karmchari bhi isme mile hue h app is
Pe karwai kare

Rajnish Mehrotra -,Head (Environment Forest & Wildlife) Essel Infrastratucre Noida , India Says

standing committee of wildlife board

Rajnish Mehrotra -,Head (Environment Forest & Wildlife) Essel Infrastratucre Noida , India Says

Rajasthan Forest Department is working towards customer oriented approach which is appreciable.

सद्दाम हुसैन मंसूरी Says

टोडारायसिंह जिला टोंक में संरक्षित वन क्षेत्र (बिसलपुर कंजर्वेशन मे वन कर्मचारियों ने पेसा खाकर नगर पालिका मंडल टोडारायसिंह ने एवं जेन समाज द्वारा अतिक्रमण करवा रखा है ओर वहा पर सीसी टीवी केमरे ओर हाई मास्क हाईटेक लाईट लगा रखे है जिसे वन्य जीव प्रभावित हो रहे हैं वन विभाग टोडारायसिंह ने किसी प्रकार की एन ओ सी नहीं दी गई है फिर भी संरक्षित वन क्षेत्र मे अवेध रूप से वहां पर निर्माण कार्य किए जा रहे हैं और वन विभाग के कर्मचारियों ने कोई कार्यवाही नहीं की है इस प्रक्ररण कि शिकायत उच्च अधिकारियों से की गई है पर अब तक कोई कार्रवाई नहीं हुई है सविनय निवेदन है कि इस मामले की निष्पक्ष रूप से जांच करे और दोसियो के विरुद्ध कठोर कार्रवाई करने की कृपा करें

Nagesh Says

Please your department is very Legi because villages – koleswar teh. – baswa district – Dausa Rajasthan me forest ki Jamin par logo ne 50 hec. Par kabaka kar rakha hai

Gouri Shankar Sharma Says

PCCF (HOFF) Rajasthan and other offices have been shifted in Aranya Bhawan at Jhalana institutional Area.Address has been not updated.

Capt. B Ghosh Says

On 10th Sep 2016, at 1620 hrs, CCF Shri R Shekhawat along with other staff of Sariska Tiger Reserve assumed to be Officer was very unruly and presented incorrigeble attitude towards a family for reason best known to him. A email has been sent to PCCF after telephonic talk but awaiting reply before further move to higher authorities.