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Jaipur Development Authority (JDA)

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Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has been committed to working for the benefit of the citizens of Jaipur with planned implementation of development schemes and is consistently striving to take Jaipur at higher levels of progress. Jaipur is one of the most well-planned cities of its times and planned development has always been central to its ideology.

Jaipur Development Authority Vision

Jaipur Development Authority was established by the Government of Rajasthan with a vision to combat and manoeuvre the growing requirements of a large city in wake of the increasing population and to help give Jaipur a planned look compatible and comparable to any metropolitan city of repute. JDA has all the authorised powers to fecilitate the development and progressive growth of the entire city and improve the structure of Jaipur. JDA work towards meeting important needs of the Jaipur and also work to understand the necessary needs of the city.

JDA Major Undertakings

According to the requisites, JDA has been working towards time-bound construction, creation and development of the western part of Jaipur based on major scientific and hi-tech strategies. Thus, Jaipur has been beautified intensively to augment the tourist attraction in the city and to raise the living standards to suit convenience of its citizens.
The major undertaking of JDA includes the following:

  • Infrastructural development of Jaipur region by construction of flyovers, bridges, parking places.
  • Development of commercial projects and residential schemes, etc.
  • Development of basic amenities like community centres, parks, ring roads.
  • Development and rehabilitation of kacchi bastis etc.
  • Preparation and implementation of master plan.
  • Preparation and implementation of guidelines for colonisation.
  • Environmental development by planning and implementing roadside plantations and by developing eco-friendly schemes.
  • Development of rural area around Jaipur.
  • Development of transport facilities like Mass Rapid
  • Transport System (MRTS), Transport Nagar, and major sector roads.

According to the promises and commitments of the Rajasthan Government, JDA has been time and again proving itself as a pioneer of development, creating a state-of-the-art city of substance. JDA has been working on widening all main roads, construction of over bridges, under bridges and flyovers to regulate the traffic on roads, minimize pollution, and ensure public convenience and safety. JDA firmly believes in bridging the gap and reaching out to its citizens and to provide them with quick and hassle-free service.

JDA Citizen Care Center

Jaipur Development Authority has established a Citizen Care Center for effective and faster disposal of public grievances and to provide various services to public at a single window. The Centre has been established in a modern and citizen friendly complex to facilitate the common man to come and redress his complaint. The services of counsellors have also been provided. The applications received at the centre are computerized and sent to the concerned officer for disposal in a time bound manner. The citizen is given a due date for getting his reply/work done.
For any Service/Application Forms/Booklet visit http://www.jaipurjda.org/page.aspx?pid=33

Statutory Committees

The Statutory Committee is an authorised agency that oversees the organisational working of various departments. This legislative committee is established by a statute to control the working at various hierarchies.

  • Authority
  • Executive Committee (EC)
  • Traffic Control Board (TCB)
  • Land and Property Committee (LPC)
  • Building Plan Committee (BP)
  • Building Plan Committee (Layout Plan)
  • Project Works Committee (PWC)

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For More Detials about Jaipur Development Authority Rajasthan, Check their official website given Below.

Contact :
Jaipur Development Authority
Ram Kishor Vyas Bhawan,
Indra Circle, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg,
Jaipur-302004 Rajasthan India
Phone No : + 91 141 2569696
Email Id : info@jaipurjda.org
Website : https://www.jaipurjda.org/

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dinesh sain Says

जगतपुरा महल 200 फीट रोड श्री कल्याण नगर कब तक जेडीए फ्रूट होगी

Satish Says

We purchased commercial plot in jagatpura plot no s4 and s3a shiv shakti nagar vistar in action j d a sale these plot corner 160 feet road and 100 feet road but after 4 year there is no road no water we are surprised how j d a cheat and sale undeveloped plots I reminded many time but no solution given my advocate suggest to take legal action against responsible officer

अशोक कुमार Says

सचिवालय विहार ए ,कल्याणपुरा में वाटिका गृह निर्माण सहकारी समिति, जयपुर द्वारा काटे गये प्लाट कब तक एप्रूव्ड होंगे/पट्टे बनेंगे

Vinay Singh Says

please advise procedure obtain plot in old /new plot schemes of JDA.
when to apply as there no. adv on ur site.

Vinay singh

Ashok Kumar Narayani Says

Dear Sir/ Madam

Kindly note

Mr. Hitesh Dhanuka , Dhanuka Group Jaipur, we purchased flat 702 sunshine symphoney from them
They given us very worst constructed flat
Attached Photoes, these photoes can better describe better then my words
Kindly help me to make complaint

Thanks a lot for kind Attentions

Waiting for the replies

Best Regards
Ashok Kumar Narayani
6th July 2017