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Justice Department, Rajasthan

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The Justice Department of Rajasthan is established recently in the Secretariat to monitor litigation to which the State is a party. Justice department identified 201 units under 45 Administrative departments of the Government to create a comprehensive database and to provide information to the State government on litigation matters. Aim of this new department is to assist the Administrative Departments in the State to effectively and economically handle litigation and to streamline systems and procedures to maximize efficiency.Principle Secretary (Justice) is the head of this department and governs the other members of the body such as Special Secretary (Justice).

Objectives of Justice Department of Rajasthan

  • To regularly monitor progress of litigation to which state is a party.
  • To improve efficiency in handling cases.
  • To assess performance of GAs/LICs/OICs.
  • To diagnose flaws to improve and strengthen systems.
  • To reduce unnecessary litigation and multiplicity of litigation.
  • To Economize on litigation expenses.

Contact :
Justice Department
Room No.7327, Food Building,
Secretariat, Jaipur
Rajasthan India
Phone No : 0141-5153222
Email Id : justice-deptt@rajasthan.gov.in
Website : http://lites.law.rajasthan.gov.in/

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